Georgia School District Invests $213,000 in Air Purification for All Buildings

Georgia's Baldwin County School District invested in cleaner air for students and faculty. Learn more about their $213,000 investment in ionization devices to help safely reopen classrooms.
air purification technology to safely reopen school buildings

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In Georgia, the Baldwin County School District (BCSD) approved a $213,000 investment in purification ionization units from Global Plasma Solutions (GPS). The purchase will cover every school in the district, as well as the district’s central office. The school district had already planned on installing air purification in school buildings before the pandemic began. However, the pandemic and CARES Act funding accelerated the purchase.

“Plans to place the ionization units at each school in our district were already in place prior to the pandemic,” Superintendent Dr. Noris Price said in a statement to The Union-Recorder.

“Our goal was to install the ionization units as we replaced the HVAC units at each school but due to the pandemic, we had to accelerate the installation of the modules as part of our enhanced safety measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. It took time for us to research if we would be able to install the ionization modules in the schools’ current units, that eventually will be replaced, in addition to issuing a request for proposal and following our purchasing process.”

Why School Buildings Prefer Air Purification Technologies with Bi-Polar Ionization

The GPS ionization modules install directly into the schools’ HVAC systems. The top reason air purification is in demand for school buildings is that they improve classroom Indoor Air Quality. Purifiers also help parents and faculty feel confident and more comfortable returning to schools when they reopen.

According to GPS’ website, the ions disperse into the HVAC system, through the ducts and into the school’s indoor air. From there, the ions target pollutants, encourage them to cluster together, making it easier to filter them out. The ions also disrupt a pathogen’s surface protein, rendering it inactive. Lastly, they eliminate odors and save energy by reducing the need for fresh air ventilation.

Improving school air quality increases a student’s academic ability while decreasing student absenteeism due to illness or allergies.  

Sell IAQ and Air Purification Technologies to Schools

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