Case Study: Primary Air

Local SEO and Ad Campaigns

Primary Air Heating & Cooling, Inc.
2708 81st Ave E. , Ellenton , Florida , 34222
941-746-7852 | Listing | Website

The story for Primary Air is a very common one in the HVAC industry. They are a great family owned business and do fantastic work. They’ve tried getting started with some digital marketing in the past but never saw much of a return. So it never made much sense to focus on it.

Biggest Marketing Challenges
New system installation leads
New customer acquisition
Online presence

Common Services Provided
Service / repair
Maintenance work
IAQ installation and upkeep

Criteria for a Successful Campaign
An influx (something measurable) of new business or business opportunities.
Better online presence.
Some help to our website.

Our Review and Strategy

Right away we noticed some ways to optimize the website. But web development can take time and we wanted to make and impact immediately. So we started looking for ways to bypass the site.

Their Google my business page looked fine from the outside but wasn’t achieving prominent placement. Our audit showed some huge inaccuracies in their business citations.

Our Plan
Immediately repair business citations and start building more
Optimize GMB Listing
Setup Google Local Service Ads
Setup Google Search & Display Ads
Setup search console, analytics, and additional services to properly track what’s happening

The goal is to gain more organic results and target intent based audiences immediately with search ads. We’ll be comparing GMB data provided and looking at trends to determine additional optimization opportunities.

The Results

In the first month, we were able to break into the 3-pack for very important local searches. This is a very important milestone. Not only will this immediately start driving more business, but it also gives us a foundation from which build.

Search Views: +50% | Website visits: +225%

What’s Next
Further improving our position
Increase the number of targeted keywords
Target additional service areas