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air & light in one discreet fixture

This new technology offers a reliable, one-of-a-kind method for improving airflow in residential homes without compromising design aesthetics.

  • Cut heating & cooling costs
  • Increase comfort & airflow control
  • Fewer ceiling penetrations on every build
  • Reduced air leakage

Comfy-Light is a recessed lighting fixture that combines a built-in heating/cooling vent to create an all-in-one discrete ceiling unit.

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Comfy-Light recessed light vent face

features & benefits

The Comfy-Light patented design saves you time and money

Home builders who are looking to make the most of their investment should be taking advantage of Comfy-Light’s unique design that offers function and style in one efficient package.

With fewer parts and simplified installation, builders can save money on every project with Comfy-Light.

Reduced operating frequency helps extend the lifespan - so, you can expect greater reliability and performance over time.

Enjoy a greater level of comfort with enhanced 360-degree air circulation and improved airflow.

Comfy-Light's design provides a crisp, clean look to any ceiling without compromising comfort or performance.

moving forward

Let's build better than industry standard

This is a chance to shape the future of home construction and make an enduring mark on how people design their living spaces.

Let’s explore this opportunity together and identify our next steps for success!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cfm is Comfy-Light rated for?

Comfy-Light is designed to push anything below 150 cfm.

Is the light moisture rated?

Our product is designed for all conditions.

What size is Comfy-Light?

Comfy-Light is designed in a 6’’ round housing to blend in with traditional can lights.

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