How to Properly Measure Registers & Grilles

Properly measuring and ordering a grilles and registers is one of the most common challenges for HVAC distributors and contractors.

When looking at a grille or register size it is sometimes hard to remember which dimension comes first. It is easy to admit that there is s big difference between a 24×12 and 12×24 register.

The industry standard is to ALWAYS use the width first and then the height?
But how do we know where to start?

Try to remember this: If you were to look at the grille or register installed, the blade or fin direction will be the FIRST dimension or the WIDTH. The SECOND dimension will ALWAYS then be your height.

As you can see in this graph the blades on the left are the 12” width dimension; on the right-hand graph the width of the blades is the 24” dimension.

Use the cheat phrase White House to remember Width x Height.

The measurement of the opening in the wall, floor or duct is what you always want to record and order.

You will have to remove the grille and measure the opening in the wall to find the proper size.

Width on floor registers follows the blades on the outside in the case of the 3 way register.

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