Expand Your HVAC Business With IAQ Services​

Customers rely on their homes to be a healthy and comfortable sanctuary. When that no longer rings true, it's time for them to contact you.

Reach Your Target Market & Expand Your Services

It's incredibly easy to market IAQ because this is a service that's in high demand. It’s in the news, it’s top-of-mind for concerned homeowners, parents, teachers, business owners and everyone in between.  It dictates what opens up and what closes down.

Boost Overall Profitability

In most cases, standard HVAC installs and repairs are a race to the bottom with your competitors. The average home or business owner usually gets three to four quotes and chooses to go with the lowest price.

By offering IAQ, you separate yourself from your competition which means:

Improve Your Customer Service & Wow Your Customers

There's nothing exciting or memorable about repairing or replacing something that's broken. It's broken, you come by, you repair or replace, and then you leave.

There is something exciting and memorable about making genuine recommendations and upgrading a home or office with cleaner air solutions.

With an indoor air quality product, you're installing something that's tangible and making a noticeable difference in their home or office - removing that foul odor or the floaties in their air. If you can make a client's home or business noticeably better with IAQ, that leads to valuable:

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Become the Expert on Improving Indoor Air Quality

When you’re an expert in something, people naturally turn to you for answers to their questions and advice on recommending the best solutions. 

You, the IAQ expert, will have a complete understanding of what any home needs to improve the air quality in any home.  You will also understand that every home is unique and the services and solutions to improve their air quality is multi-faceted.

Start the Conversation with Your Existing Customers

Knowing how to start the IAQ conversation with customers is an important step in selling. It starts with taking notice of certain talking points in their home and then introduce it organically. Some things to pick up on are:

HVAC Contractor selling IAQ

All of these elements either represent reasons why they should invest in IAQ, or symptoms of poor IAQ. Taking notice of these things as you walk around their home is critical. It gives you the opportunity to ask thoughtful questions and start the conversation. Some examples of good questions to ask:

These questions start a genuine, value-driven dialog with the customer that you can lead to IAQ sales. What was supposed to be a simple thermostat replacement has now evolved into quoting and installing an air purifier, MERV 13 air filter, mechanical ventilation, or a humidity control system.

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The Best Thing About Selling IAQ

The best thing about selling IAQ isn’t that it’s some new and shiny trend in the market right now. The technology and product solutions have been around for years.

It isn’t that becoming an IAQ expert is challenging or exclusive. It’s actually pretty easy to learn if you’re already in the HVAC or home service industry.

The best thing about selling IAQ is taking the time to learn and share your expertise with customers. It’s the differentiator between your brand and your competitors. It’s the reason they’ll tell their neighbors, coworkers, social media friends, and family about you. Opening your customer’s eyes to solutions they didn’t know existed is the best part.

With the proper IAQ training, you and your staff can effectively show your customers solutions that will:

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