Build Green. Build Smart. Build With Comfy-Light.

For Builders Who Want More
Than Just Passing Grades

Using Comfy-Light throughout each home is more than a visual upgrade
It’s a statement of quality, efficiency, and modern elegance.

Dramatically improve energy efficiency, make yourself a standout builder,
and increase your market value.

Eliminate Air Leaks

Say goodbye to ceiling penetrations that cause energy leaks and hello to a significant energy saving solution.

Improve Scores with Ease

Dramatically enhance your HERS scores and Blower Door Test scores. Achieve ACH numbers below 2.0 effortlessly.

High Performance Builders

It’s easy to be Green. Stand out as a high-performance builder and raise the bar with energy efficient solutions.

did you know?

Homeowners will pay more
for features that save them money

Home buyers value savings so much that they are willing to invest extra in a property if it means an annual cutback on utility costs.

According to an NAHB survey, 57% would even spend up to $5,000 more than the home’s asking price for annually reduced energy bills of around a thousand dollars!

builder review

Case study of homebuilder’s experience
with Comfy-Light

Justin Merritt
Merritt Custom Homes & Construction, Inc.
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Comfy-Light is an amazing product that combines air distribution and lighting. I will never go back to traditional air registers again. My homeowners and I are very satisfied.

Replacing traditional separate air vents and lighting fixtures streamlined the installation process, saving time and labor.

The project achieved various benefits, including cost savings, increased energy efficiency, improved comfort, and better blower-door test resultsRead more →

Comfy-Light Full recessed light

A First-Ever Innovation

Imagine What Can Be Accomplished

This groundbreaking technology is set to redefine the way builders and architects approach ceiling design.

With Comfy Light, the ceiling is no longer just a static element of your room.

It becomes an active, functional part of the living space, contributing to aesthetics and energy efficiency.

The future of building is here, and it’s bright, comfortable, and incredibly efficient. Explore new horizons in design and efficiency, and build homes that truly stand out.

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