KGG ยป Sales

HVAC Manufacturer Sales Done Right

Whether you’re just entering the United States market or looking to increase your market share, you’ll need the best sales people.

For decades HVAC manufacturers have been limited to two options:
Hire sales managers and in-house reps for every territory
Hire sales managers and local rep agencies for every region

Both options require a substantial investment of your time and money. As a manufacturer, you can’t really afford either.

After all the necessary people are hired, terms are negotiated, training is complete, and territories are setup, finally the actual selling begins. This usually brings on an entirely new set of challenges.

Accounting, communication, training, team management – The difficulty increases with each additional agency or hire. And this is the best case scenario. Most likely some people or agencies wont be a good fit or wont perform well. So in a few months, you’ll get to do it all again.

Like a lot of great ideas, We thought there has to be a better way.

The Only National HVAC Rep Agency

For a national agency to be effective, we can’t just have “reps” in an area, we need the best. And we need the best in every single market.

After years of development, KGG proudly represents major HVAC manufacturers in every part of the United States and there are no better reps in any local market.

Building the most effective single HVAC agency in the U.S. was our focus early on. Along the way we learned that not only can we sell more for our clients, but we can do it while saving them A LOT of time and truck loads of money!

Client Benefits

Consolidated Sales Management
There’s no need for our clients to hire multiple tiers of in-house sales management staff because we’ve taken care of that. Our structure is simple and designed to make things as easy as possible for you.

Streamlined Communication
You will only ever need to make one phone call or send one email. We take it from there and deliver your message to each individual reps. With regularly scheduled meetings, online webinars, video casts, and online training, we are in direct communication with our reps at all times.

Trust and Confidence
We’ve spent years building the best teams in each individual market so you don’t have to. We’ll review performance on both the micro and macro levels to ensure goals are always met.

Growth and Support
Our clients experience growth significantly above the industry average. We also help provide product feedback and operational support. Because we have the people on the front-lines, we’re able to deliver real firsthand user stories.

Powerful Industry Relationships
Our industry relationships are not limited to local borders like a traditional agency. We can help make significant connections based on your unique needs and goals.