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After 10+ years of hard work and dedication, KGG is now a leader in providing premier HVAC manufacturer representatives across the United States. You get top-notch sales reps in any local market.

Our HVAC sales agency provides you with the ultimate solution – increasing your profits while saving you time and money! Unrivaled efficiency for unmatched success.

The agency Manufacturers trust

Increase your sales, grow your market share, and break into new territories

Boost Sales

Sustainable success rates above the industry average.

Grow Market Share

The best teams in each market with a very successful track record.

Easy Communication

Simplified processes designed to make sales easy and fast.

Powerful Relationships

Helping you build strategic goal-focused partnerships.

sales and marketing for HVAC brands

We know the industry, we know your customers, and we can help you grow

Good things happen when everyone does what they’re best at. You build quality products. We help increase profits on a national level.

There’s no need for our clients to hire multiple tiers of in-house sales management staff because we’ve taken care of that. Our HVAC sales consulting structure is simple and designed to make things as easy as possible for you.

Need to adjust the price? Have new data or test results to share?

You will only ever need to make one phone call or send one email. We take it from there and deliver your message to each individual rep.

We’ve spent years building the best teams in each individual market so you don’t have to. We’ll review performance on both the micro and macro levels to ensure goals are always met.

Our clients experience growth significantly above the industry average. We also help provide product feedback and operational support. Because we have the people on the front lines, we’re able to deliver real firsthand user stories.


HVAC Manufacturer Sales Done Right

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Generating revenue and giving you a competitive edge is what we do for you. Success is achieved through three evidence-based pathways:

  • Experienced professionals in every local market that offer specific growth opportunities
  • Training and educational development plans tailored around individual company goals and objectives
  • Our dedicated sales force whose singular focus is on increasing manufacturer market share

Census Economic Indicators

  • New orders for manufactured goods in April, up three consecutive months, increased $4.3 billion or 0.7 percent to $588.2 billion.April 2024: +0.7° % ChangeMarch 2024 (r): +0.7° % Change
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