Commercial Restoration Equipment

Innovative Water Damage Restoration Solutions

This portable and durable equipment is highly reliable when it comes to heavy water damage restoration projects.

  • Offer comprehensive protection against hazardous materials or environments
  • Equipped with the latest technology to provide optimal protection
  • Stay ahead of the competition by providing solutions that others do not

The key to successful restoration lies in choosing the right products that will give you the best possible results. With these effective tools at your disposal, solving even the toughest water damage issues is simpler than ever before.

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Complete Restoration Product line

Reclaim buildings faster with the right products

AlorAir offers a wide selection of products designed to help with water damage restoration and drying, including commercial dehumidifiers, air movers, and air scrubbers.

Their specialized dehumidifier for basements and crawl spaces makes it an ideal solution for contractors who regularly work in these challenging environments. Additionally, AlorAir’s range of equipment is suitable for larger projects as well as smaller residential jobs.

Dehumidifiers help make homes and businesses viable once again. From basements to crawlspaces to flood-affected areas - no space is off limits for these dehumidification solutions!

Air circulation is not created equal in most indoor spaces. Maintaining a healthy relative humidity throughout a home is hard – especially after a water disaster.

Air movers improve air circulation. They help promote healthy respiratory circulation and speed up evaporation time. It’s the perfect complement for drying out indoor spaces faster with a heavy-duty dehumidifier.

AlorAir products guarantee maximum safety while providing speed and efficiency so that your clients' homes can be restored as soon as possible.

With its advanced technology and high-quality features, AlorAir products are the ideal solution for professional contractors.

AlorAir Restoration Equipment is the perfect product for contractors looking to provide top-notch services to their clients.

With reliable performance and outstanding customer service, you can rest assured that your projects will be completed quickly, safely and efficiently.


Ensure a safe and healthy environment

The key to successful restoration lies in choosing the right products that will:

  • speed up the process to reduce structural damage
  • safeguard occupants from diseases and health risks
  • prevent damp environments that cause pest infestations
  • protect stored goods and salvage belongings

With Alorair, solving even the toughest water and fire damage issues are simpler and faster than ever before.

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