who we are

National Manufacturers Rep Management

KGG Consulting is a group of tight-knit industry professionals and experts. As a nationwide team that provides sales, branding, and digital services, we bring value to every part of the sales process.

Our impressive network has only been made possible by 40+ years of experience.

  • Roughly 80 reps across 16 rep agencies
  • Throughout the United States and Canada

KGG’s experience and connections in the industry allow us to serve as the ideal go-between for both manufacturers and reps. The rep, contractor, distributor, and manufacturer exchange is crucial, and we do everything in our power to make communication and the process as seamless as possible.

what we do

One Point of Contact for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer, your relationship is with KGG and KGG alone. We handle the rest: updating reps on new products, new literature, new brochures, all of it.

In addition to serving as the go-between, at KGG, we believe our role should be fully encompassing. Our services include built-in training, that’s both sales and product training, as well as marketing services. KGG truly does it all.

If it’s not clear already, KGG understands the importance of a digital presence in this digital age. We have an internal digital marketing team, available for consult and hire. Plus, when you partner with KGG, your company automatically becomes a part of our HVAC and IAQ digital marketing efforts.

Our Story

Our Leadership Team

Ken Grubbs


Ken is the founder and managing director of KGG Consulting. Ken first started in the HVAC industry in 1976. He held various positions in manufacturing, distribution and sales, learning all aspects of the industry, before founding KGG Consulting in 1997. Ken’s dedication created a sales organization unlike any other in the business. He continues to work directly with manufacturers, distributors and his reps on a daily basis.
Rob Ambrosetti

Rob Ambrosetti

Training Director

Rob spent 20 years in the HVAC industry, before joining KGG in 2018. Rob has multiple NATE certifications, holds a degree in Secondary Education, and has years of experience as an instructor. It is this blend of HVAC and IAQ knowledge and educator experience that allows Rob to succeed in his role as training director. At KGG, Rob develops extensive sales and product training curriculums, working side-by-side with reps, distributors and contractors.

Chris Grubbs

Marketing Manager

Chris has over a decade of experience in digital marketing services. He has spent years working with KGG Consulting and KGG’s brands, crafting how to best apply his experience in digital marketing to the HVAC and IAQ markets in particular. As the go-to digital expert, Chris created KGG Digital in 2018. He manages KGG’s digital presence on a daily basis and helps ensure that KGG’s partners, products and services are understood and available online.
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