Zephyr VGF Series

Deep Pleated MERV 13 Media Air Cleaners

With their high efficiency and capacity, these air cleaners have become an ideal solution for the direct replacement of traditional 1” filters.

  • Best-in-class solution for your filtration needs
  • Fits most 1” Return Air Grilles without modification
  • Lower static pressure than 1″ MERV 8 filters
  • Lasts up to 6 months or longer
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Capture more pollutants and allow air to move freely

The best air filter is one that captures most contaminants but allows air to flow freely. That is why the Zephyr Filtration MERV 13 air filter is the optimal choice for replacement return air grille filters. Its low static pressure means that air passes through easily while collecting the spores and aerosols that can lead to sickness.

Zephyr air filters are the clear choice when it comes to capturing dust, pollen, and other airborne pollutants. Boasting 10-12 pleats per foot of filter area, these top-tier filters provide maximum protection for any indoor space!

Super secure seal with the open-cell foam gasket and adhesive - fitting most 1-inch return grilles like it's nobody's business!

Takes about 90 seconds to install and upgrade IAQ. No tools or modifications are needed (in most cases).

The Zephyr Filtration MERV 13 air filter is fully compliant with Title 24, making it the top choice among professionals.

efficient and cost-effective option

the go-to choice for service professionals

The ZEPHYR VGF SERIES MERV 13 Media Air Cleaners offer the perfect opportunity for upselling potential, greatly expanding your business opportunities.

These air cleaners provide significantly higher efficiency and capacity than traditional 1” filters, boasting a MERV rating of 13. This level of performance far exceeds other high-efficiency air filters on the market today, providing superior air filtration that lasts up to 6 months or more. Furthermore, this air cleaner fits most 1” return air grilles without requiring modifications, making it a simple and cost-effective solution for service contractors.

Benefit from repeat business when it comes time for replacement, providing a steady stream of income and improved customer satisfaction rates.

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