HVAC Training Online and In-person

Training and product awareness has always been a major pain-point in the HVAC industry. We solve this with complete in-house and online training for industries, manufacturers, and products.

Curriculum Development

We work closely with our manufacturers to design a training course that will have a real market effect. Companies, processes, products, industries are always going to be different. With that in mind, we develop the course framework, design the required assets, recording, and distributing content.

Contractor's Resource

With 40+ years in the industry and experience at multiple levels, we completely understand that your time is your greatest asset. That is not something we will ever take for granted. 2 hours of training is a missed job. A multi-day event is a huge commitment. We started offering online options with you in mind.

Performance Through Understanding

The most effective counter people are always the most knowledgeable. When people truly understand a product and how it’s used, they are naturally more comfortable discussing it; often in great detail. But it’s that level of comfort that leads to suggesting additional or alternative products. And that’s exactly what we’re here to do.

We make training engaging, fun and exciting – after all, enthusiasm is contagious!

It’s a simple process. We use the proper format to deliver your message in the most effective manner.

Break-out sessions, booth representation, or large group classes. We can also plan and conduct specialized training events to develop product specialists. We call them product sharpshooters. These people become our regional experts to help spread accurate and useful information.

We make a lot of videos these days because of their versatility and performance. They are used on your own Youtube channel, website, or social media profiles. We can also embed them into our training modules. To get the most value from a video, they also can be segmented into small snippets and plugged directly into digital marketing campaigns.

We’ve experienced huge success with our webinars. Attend from your phone, laptop, or computer. The convience has made it so easy for us to talk with dozens of people simultainiously across the country.
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The newest and one of the most exciting additions to our training program. We have a lot of great courses being developed that cover a wide range of topics. The best part? You won’t be forced into anything that doesn’t apply to you or your business.

In the field and from these events, we hear a lot of inspiring stories. We’ve been sharing these stories in emails, webinars, and in-person trainings. We decided they are so powerful and valuable we need to do more. RepTalk is our podcast where we interview hvac industry professionals and do our best to bring you the most value.
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IAQ On-Demand Training

Help people breathe better!
This course is part of an introduction to IAQ for all HVAC professionals. Anyone who sells, installs, or services HVAC equipment will benefit from this training. A basic understanding of IAQ will help individuals identify and find solutions for problems that arise due to poor indoor air quality whether it is in the workplace or at home.

PART 1: Help people breathe better! IAQ Basic Training
PART 2: Air Purification Technologies in Today’s Market
PART 3: Learn Specific techniques to Sell Clean Air

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