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The Solution To Ductless Mini-Split Installation Challenges

The GEN2 Box offers HVAC contractors a convenient solution that will help keep their mini-split components safe and sound.

With its strong construction and versatile design, this product is sure to provide peace of mind when it comes to protecting your investment.

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Proven New Construction solution

Unbeatable protection, easy installation, and sleek aesthetic appeal

Building on the success of the pioneering first-generation product, the GEN2 Box is a revolutionary upgrade boasting several impressive features.

Get the convenience of having a GEN2 Box installed swiftly with little effort. This box is specifically designed to fit standard walls measuring 16 inches, allowing it to be easily mounted onto the interior and exterior surfaces with only 8 screws - 4 for the box itself and an additional 4 for its cover!

The GEN2 Box is engineered for superior protection of your mini-split components. Made with ABS plastic and a robust design, it shields them from trade damage and hazardous construction conditions to ensure maximum security.

The flexible design allows compatibility with various brands, sizes, and configurations. Plus it has the capability to accommodate a variety of additional components inside its frame.

Ensure consistent installations with minimal effort. All the linesets, drain line, and power supply are contained in one secure location throughout construction - eliminating air leakage and improving ACH (air changes per hour) ratings as well as BDT (blower door test) scores.

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Get the Installation Results You Expect with INGENII

Enjoy a worry-free installation process, knowing that your HVAC systems are safe from damage.

The GEN2 Box is an essential part of any successful mini-split system installation, making it a must-have item for any HVAC professional looking for quality and security.

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