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When you have such a specific target audience, it can be tough to get your product in front of them, tell them who you are, and what you do. That's where having a strong marketing team and strategy comes into play. We can help you become an industry leader and build awareness with current or new customers.

Dedicated Marketing Campaigns

Making a great product does not, by itself, mean you’re prepared to promote it. To truly create a successful business that puts your products in front of your target customers, you need marketing. And unfortunately, hiring a marketing team is very expensive and time-consuming. Even more so if you hire the wrong person or firm.

Because of the sales and training relationship you already have with KGG Consulting, you’ll never have to worry about our motivations. Our strategies to grow your business are always inline with yours. We are a team of dedicated marketing experts who seeks to grow your HVAC manufacturing business by providing focused marketing efforts for your products

Every Aspect Of Marketing, Covered.

We provide a comprehensive list of marketing services for our manufacturers that line up perfectly with our training and sales. These services include:
Partner with a team that provides you with all the marketing services you need under one roof. Plus, we can focus your campaign on a specific avenue of marketing so that it reflects exactly what your business is trying to accomplish and helps you to reach your goals quicker than ever before.

Unique Benefits

Our team handles all aspects of marketing while you take care of what you do best - manufacture great HVAC products.

Reduced Marketing Costs

Hiring a marketing team is very expensive and time-consuming. Even more so if you hire the wrong person. We take the need for new hires out of the picture and handle all aspects of your marketing for you.

Expert Promotions

Reach your customers in new and innovative ways. With every new product launch, product update, award won, or expansion into a new market, you need a team that brings awareness from the right audience.

Customer Focused

Our team prides itself on remaining customer-focused in everything that we do. Unlike any other agency, you know that our goals will be inline with yours because of our national sales and training relationship.

What We Do for HVAC Manufacturers

When it comes to how we market HVAC products, you don’t have to pick and choose between marketing offerings. Our marketing services come loaded with everything your business needs, including:
Working with our team means that you’re being given a unique value proposition that allows you to truly market your HVAC products successfully.

We're Your First Choice For HVAC Manufacturer Marketing

The team at KGG Consulting has been in the HVAC space for years. That’s given us not only a deep understanding of effective HVAC manufacturing marketing tactics but also of the niche itself. Our valuable insight lets us create highly focused and targeted campaigns that get you the results you need to grow. 

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