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When you have such a specific target audience, it can be tough to get your product in front of them, tell them who you are, and what you do. That’s where having a strong marketing team and strategy comes into play. We can help you become an industry leader and build awareness with current or new customers.
Dedicated HVAC Marketing Campaigns

Dedicated HVAC Marketing Campaigns

Making a great product does not, by itself, mean you’re prepared to promote it. To truly create a successful business that puts your products in front of your target customers, you need marketing. And unfortunately, hiring a marketing team is very expensive and time-consuming. Even more so if you hire the wrong person or firm.

Because of the sales and training relationship you already have with KGG Consulting, you’ll never have to worry about our motivations. Our strategies to grow your business are always inline with yours. We are a team of dedicated marketing experts who seeks to grow your HVAC manufacturing business by providing focused marketing efforts for your products.

Our team handles all aspects of marketing while you take care of what you do best – manufacture great HVAC products.

Expand Your Market

Our clients enjoy sustainable success at rates significantly above the industry average.

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We’ve spent years building the best teams in each individual market and have a very successful track record.

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We've simplified the process and designed it to make things as easy and painless for you.

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We have connections to help you build significant partnerships based on your unique needs and goals.

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What We Do for HVAC Manufacturers

When it comes to how we market HVAC products, you don’t have to pick and choose between marketing offerings. Our marketing services come loaded with everything your business needs. The team at KGG Consulting has been in the HVAC space for years. That’s given us not only a deep understanding of effective HVAC manufacturing marketing tactics but also of the niche itself. Our valuable insight lets us create highly focused and targeted campaigns that get you the results you need to grow.
We specialize in expert marketing services and large scale distribution to create a powerful brand presence for HVAC businesses of all sizes. Our team understands what it takes not only be effective locally but also internationally – leveraging online channels like social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter; SEO optimization efforts which includes keyword research into relevant phrases users may use when searching Google; creating content designed specifically around keywords so these appear higher up through search engines’ rankings pages.
Your website is your digital face, so you need to make sure it’s up-to-date. You want people to visit and stay on your website, so make it as interesting and engaging for them. Create captivating copy with creative blog posts that explain everything in detail about what services you offer better than anyone else does. Pieces of that content are then used to shape messaging on every other platform.
Inspire customers with professionally edited videos and images that fit your needs. Working with our team means you’re being given a unique value proposition and the ability to market successfully in today’s very competitive HVAC market.
You can inspire and activate customers with professionally edited videos that fit your needs. Your video should be crafted to the place where you’ll host it and how you plan on using them! A 5-second ad on YouTube is much different than a typical hero at the top of your website.
Branding in today’s world takes place online, on social networks, and in real-time. If you’re not a part of the conversation right now your business will be left behind as people jump from one platform to another looking for content they can relate to or share with their friends. Let us show what is possible when marketing doesn’t have any boundaries.
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