Sales Support For HVAC Distribution Businesses

Distributors help make our world go round. We know how hard it can be to build an effective distribution framework in today’s market.

With our people-centric approach, we can help you stay ahead of the curve. Let’s fill your will-call with new contractors, expand your product line with current customers, and help you move more profitable products every month.

The agency Distributors trust

Grow your local market share and expand product line sales with existing customers

Make Your Mark

Power up local market share loyalty and boost sales.

Expand Sales

Make your distribution center a contractor’s one-stop shop.

Easy Communication

Simplified processes that make sales easy and fast.

Built-In Relationships

Connections that forge strategic goal-focused partnerships.


Our sales agency was built with your HVAC distribution business in mind

We know how to equip you with the skills and tools to grow sales in your local market. Our reps tailor solutions unique to your needs and make sure every touchpoint increases your reputation and profits.

Your sales rep sets up a day’s worth of appointments. This can be with new, old, or potential contractor customers. Our KGG rep tags along to each of these calls.

After an initial meet and greet with your contractor, our knowledgeable rep takes over and finds opportunities to talk about product features, benefits, and helps you grow with every contractor we meet. On top of that, your sales rep learns a few tips and tricks along the way.

Our KGG rep dedicates a day (or most of it) to your distribution counter, usually around lunchtime. They’ll talk to every contractor that comes by to pick up items.

It’s our job to act in the best interest of both you and the manufacturer. We bridge this gap in three important ways:

1) Staying on top of manufacturer rebates so distributors don’t have to. Whenever they happen, you can expect to hear about them via phone call or email.

2) Connecting you with the right manufacturers when you need it most. If you’re having supply issues, you make one call to your local KGG rep. From there, they get to work on finding you what you need.

3) Help you negotiate manufacturer terms. We can help you navigate the nuances of working with a new manufacturer, making the transition quick and easy.

We keep you ahead of the game by closely tracking seasonal data in your region. Then we highlight specific products you should be talking to your contractor customers about.

You’ll also learn how to map complementary products for effective cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

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