HVAC Training Online and In-person

HVAC Distributor Training

Our sales reps work hard to fill the needs of everyone in the HVAC industry. That means you, as well as the manufacturer and customer! We understand there is a process for building a distribution framework that really boils down to three things: people, programs, and products.

We help you stay ahead of the curve by providing a people-centric approach, innovative programs across channels and products with your goals in mind.

Online Training

There are several online training courses that are free for your entire staff to take and available 24/7. They cover a combination of topics, including HVAC products and indoor air quality services. One of these courses, IAQ Basics, earns you one hour of credit towards your NATE certificate. We’re constantly working on new courses to get your team KGG trained.

Features & Benefits

In-Person Training

Our training director sets up a time and date to come visit your distribution center. You decide the products or services you’d like us to cover, and we put together the best training session to ramp up your team.

Features & Benefits

Pre-recorded Training Videos

Perfect for teams that can’t get everyone in-house at the same time. We’ll put together a training session catered to your needs, record it and send it over to you. This way, you can share it with your team and they can watch it as many times as they want.

Features & Benefits

Viritual Meetings

We all hop on Zoom (or whatever you prefer) and we dive into the session.  Feel free to record the meeting to reference later, or share with those team members that couldn’t join. 

Features & Benefits

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