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National Manufacturer sales rep management

You deserve a better option: A growth-focused agency that leads the way in training and marketing to give manufacturers a competitive advantage in every local market.

  • Manufacturer-backed national training
  • Innovative marketing solutions
  • Industry-leading salesforce

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sales and demand generation

Experience above average growth year-over-year

You want an agency that has years of experience and a proven track record of success. Our simplified rep structure is designed to make your life easier and ensure your annual sales goals are achieved.

  • The best salespeople in each individual market
  • Unique opportunities from long-term partnerships
  • Dedicated marketing campaigns for your products
  • Training courses that will have a real market effect

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Expand Your Market

Increase your current market share and break into new territories

By eliminating the common barriers that prevent industry manufacturers from expanding, your business can steadily grow without hesitation.

Nationwide Relationships
Discover new opportunities with the industry’s biggest names, that promote long-term success for everyone involved.

Market Awareness
Understand the local market makers and gain insight into the level of commitment necessary to make a bigger impact.

Manufacturer Sales Done Right

Guidance and support

Get advice from industry experts and feel confident with your decisions

Evolving trends and new regulations make it easy to get lost amid all of the information. That’s why it’s so important to have experienced professionals who can help provide clarity and direction.

Make decisions with confidence knowing that you have the guidance and support needed to help you succeed.

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product training

We train the trainers online and in-person

Training and product awareness has always been major pain points in the HVAC industry. With KGG you get complete in-house training for your products.

We make sure each of our 80 Sales Reps is familiar with your entire catalog and trained on the nuances of your products. Our reps are empowered to then host their own training sessions at a local level.

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