The next level of HVAC Manufacturer representation

Manufacturers deserve a better option: A national agency that provides a clear path to market and eliminates the industry’s most common barriers to entry. We lead the way in training and marketing to give our manufacturers a competitive advantage that just can’t found anywhere else.

Expand Your Market

Our clients enjoy sustainable success at rates significantly above the industry average.

Increased Support

We’ve spent years building the best teams in each individual market and have a very successful track record.

Easy Communication

We've simplified the process and designed it to make things as easy and painless for you.

Powerful Relationships

We have the connections to help you build significant partnerships based on your unique needs and goals.

HVAC Training Online and In-person

We train the trainers online and in-person.

Training and product awareness has always been a major pain-point in the HVAC industry. With KGG you get complete in-house training for your products. We make sure each of our 80 Sales Reps is familiar with your entire catalog and trained on the nuances of your products. Our reps are empowered to then host their own training sessions at a local level.

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