Whole-Home Fresh Air Ventilation

Lifebreath Premium Indoor Air Quality Systems

A leader in residential and commercial HVAC systems, Lifebreath has developed innovative products with advanced technology to give their customers the best possible experience when it comes to controlling the environment within their buildings.

Move stale indoor air from occupied spaces and replace it with fresh outdoor air all year round.

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Lifebreath products are designed to provide an eco-friendly solution for healthier environments

As energy costs soar, Contractors, Builders, and Property Owners are in search of innovative ways to slash expenses for buildings with high occupant density. As they do so, creative solutions offer the potential to revolutionize how we view energy conservation.

Builders looking to stand out in the industry need to consider incorporating fresh air systems into their projects. Not only will this ensure happier and healthier homeowners, but it'll also provide builders a unique selling point that can help them reach even more customers.

Properly ventilating homes is a growing concern for those looking for new housing options. New homes often off-gas VOCs which can be hazardous to the inhabitants.

Proper ventilation is a key component to ensure good air quality in newly built homes. Investing in mechanical systems that bring fresh outdoor air inside, while expelling stale indoor air out can significantly reduce the impact of pollutants and create safe and healthy living conditions.

The design of these products gives you easy-access doors plus smooth cell rails to slide out the core quickly. It also features effective plate separation, ensuring that dirt is quickly removed from between washable plates for maximum cleanliness.

Units built to last. They offer unprecedented efficiency, reliability, and durability with no moving parts - all backed by a lifetime warranty for your ultimate peace of mind. Invest in quality that lasts forever!

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Solutions for every job - residential and commercial

Whether you’re in the market for Energy Recovery Ventilation, Heat Recovery Ventilation, air handlers, and more – they have you covered! Help your customers experience top-grade quality with Lifebreath today.

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