Make clean-up easier with RinseKit

In your line of work, chances are you’ve wished for a way to make cleaning up quicker and easier. Well, your wish has been granted!

RinseKit is a great product that can help make your clean-up process easier and more efficient.

  • On the job site to wash tools
  • Spraying vents for HVAC techs
  • Rinsing the work truck
  • Misting to cool down at hot job sites

And then there’s the weekend uses.. well over 100!

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The perfect addition for professionals who value cleanliness

No more waiting for a nearby spigot or struggling to carry five gallons of water, wherever you are. RinseKit is an innovative way to keep you clean, in control, and prepared for anything.

It’s lightweight and fits easily into most vehicles, so it can go wherever you go. The tank holds enough water for multiple jobs, so you don’t have to worry about running out of water mid-job. Plus, thoughtful design features make it extremely easy to carry.

RinseKit uses compressed air technology to create a powerful high-pressure output of up to 70 PSI—that’s 3x the pressure of a garden hose! This makes it perfect for quickly cleaning off dirt, debris, and grime from your shoes, tools, hands, and surfaces.

No complex setups requiring plug outlets and extension cords – you can charge the battery using your car charger. Simply fill it up with any source of water and go.

When Chris Crawford set out to create RinseKit in his garage in 2013, he could not have anticipated the overwhelming success and global recognition it would soon achieve.

He was given the launching pad his idea needed when he showcased it on Shark Tank in 2017. Since then, RinseKit has embodied innovation and positioned itself as a leader in the industry of portable shower technology.

With the recently released PRO series that includes a battery-powered system, RinseKit is continuing to revolutionize this space with quality built for both functionality and convenience.


Pressurized water for any workday or weekend

RinseKit ensures that cleanliness is always within reach thanks to its portability, power, convenience, and reliability.

No matter what type of job site you may find yourself in, having a reliable cleaning solution can make all the difference in getting the job done right—and quickly! That’s why we highly recommend investing in a product like RinseKit.

Don’t wait any longer; inquire now about this incredible product today!

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