Hate Losing HVAC Home Service Clients? Here’s How to Always Win

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In today’s competitive HVAC marketplace, many skilled contractors are frustrated to find themselves losing clients or failing to acquire new ones. Even if you provide impeccable work within your craft, that may not be enough to compete with other contractors who offer expert services and more. In this case, ‘and more’ means contributing further HVAC knowledge, genuine advice and related forms of added value that increase a contractor’s importance to clients. In this current climate of heightened concerns over airborne virus transmission and clean air, indoor air quality is one of the most important skills you can learn.

Jack of All Trades, Master of Some

A master tradesman who simply shows up, does the job perfectly and then goes home is at a competitive disadvantage against a contractor who can do the same, while also providing useful advice on preventative maintenance. It’s only logical that a contractor with a wider skill set and knowledge base will have an advantage. With an efficient indoor air quality training course, you’ll be able to offer exponentially greater value to clients.

Indoor Air Quality Control

IAQ is a multifaceted field that helps combat a plethora of respiratory issues, disease, odor and mold development. While the following points amount to a basic rundown, an IAQ training course will help develop a more thorough understanding.

Humidity Control

Humidity control should walk a delicate line to stifle bacteria and mold growth while remaining comfortable for the occupants of the home or workplace. Providing precise, individualized humidity solutions will require an understanding of your clients’ needs as well as the latest technological resources.

Germicidal UV Light

Strategically placed UV lights have potent germicidal qualities that make them useful for immunocompromised individuals and those interested in an extra step towards clean air. Knowing the right sources to buy from as well as how to use germicidal lights correctly will give you an edge over your competition.

Air Filtration Systems

MERV 13 air filters and whole-home or building active air purification systems are important choices for air quality concerns. Depending on the system, air filtration can reduce the presence of bacteria, adjust for humidity, filter out particulates and actively clean your air and surfaces.

Expert Knowledge

It’s not enough to simply know that ways to improve indoor air quality exist. What you really need is the knowledge base to assess the individual needs of your clients, and in turn, make worthwhile and thoughtful recommendations. Expert IAQ knowledge in addition to existing technical skills can make you a truly competitive tradesperson.

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