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Help Homeowners Combat Summer Allergies With IAQ Solutions

Updated July 20, 2021

It happens every year. Summer allergies roll in, and homeowners simply turn to allergy medicine, nasal sprays and immunologists to cope. Most homeowners know that pollen is a factor, but may not be aware of other indoor triggers lingering around their home. As the IAQ expert, you are responsible for shining a light on what these allergens and sources are. It’s also important to address how homeowners can combat summer allergies with IAQ solutions and upgrades.

Shine a Light on Indoor Allergies With Content

To help homeowners combat indoor allergens, you need to first identify and educate potential customers on what they are. You can do this via website content and social media. For example, share content that resonates with them about seasonal allergies.  

Consider writing articles or creating social posts that cover three of the big summertime indoor allergens. These are: dust mites, mold and pet dander. The perfect time to get started on these articles is right now! This gives you time to have your business site recognized and ranked by search engines, like Google. If you need inspiration for homeowner HVAC articles, start here.

For your business social posts, use a combination of memes and images to relate to your audience’s indoor air pain points. For instance, if you service an area known for humid summers, then create content about dust mites and mold. Another example and problem for any pet owner is dander. Pet dander social posts should be fairly easy to create. Here are a couple examples you can use today:

IAQ Solutions to Combat Summer Allergies

Congratulations on hooking your audience with creative social posts. Now that you have their attention, it’s time to bring potential clients to your website. Link back to your company site to show the services and solutions you provide. These solutions should include:


You’ll want to take the opportunity to sell customers, especially allergy sufferers, on whole-home purification. Explain the differences between portable and whole-home solutions. Show the value of installing one device directly into their HVAC system to clean every room in their home.


If you serve an area that suffers humid summers, then mold and dust mites are the usual suspects for indoor allergy symptoms. Describe exactly how whole-home dehumidifiers work to combat summer allergies. Guide clients through the many options that exist for any home type and size.       


If homeowners or their loved ones suffer from allergies, again, use content to show how a better home air filter can help. Talk about the HVAC assessments you can do to determine the best filter for their home. Educate them on MERV ratings and how upgrading to a MERV 13 or HEPA-level filtration system might be their best solution.  

Is your business prepared to have these IAQ conversations with customers? If not, you can begin IAQ training today. Learn more here.

Rob Ambrosetti

Rob Ambrosetti

KGG’s National Training Director and go-to IAQ expert. Rob is a council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant. He also holds Healthy Home Professional and HVAC Professional certifications from IAQA. Since joining KGG in 2018, Rob has focused on curriculum development and led KGG’s in-house training services. He is also the host of KGG’s industry podcast RepTalk.

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