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Indoor Air Quality for Plumbers is an Amazing Skill to Learn: Here’s Why

Updated November 2, 2020

Every professional knows the importance of career development. In addition to honing the core skills of your trade, it’s essential that you develop additional skills as well. That’s why indoor air quality for plumbers is so critical right now.

There are many brilliant plumbers, HVAC specialists and home service companies out there, so adding value through unique services is an innovative way to stay ahead of your competition. If you’re looking for a new skill to add to your toolbox, indoor air quality is what you’ve been searching for.

Be Part of the IAQ Boom

Indoor air quality has experienced a steady rise in popularity in recent years. A stream of information has shown that businesses and homes both benefit from improved air quality, in various ways. However, current fears about airborne virus transmission have sparked a greater interest, leading to the current air quality renaissance. An expert IAQ technician has a wide range of skills and products to offer. Some can help neutralize the spread of pathogens.

Offer Powerful Indoor Air Quality Services and Products

Air quality control can be the difference between a home for mold and viruses and a home that’s inhospitable for them. The first service that you can provide with training in this new trade  is indoor air quality assessments, which is the foundation of IAQ control services. This involves measuring the presence of various types of particles, humidity and other metrics of air quality. Once the client understands their problems, you’re able to start offering powerful custom IAQ solutions.

Mitigate Airborne Virus Transmission

With indoor air quality training, you’ll have several tools at your disposal to tackle virus transmission. Germicidal UV lights are effective in combination with filtration systems at killing airborne viruses. MERV 13 filters in particular can go a long way to capturing and removing small virus particles from the air. The addition of an air purifier, which imbues particles with charges that cause them to bunch together, is another great option.

Enhanced Mold Prevention

High humidity and poor air circulation is a recipe for mold spread and structural decay. The IAQ specialist can assess humidity levels and the underlying causes, empowering them to offer permanent practical and technical solutions. This specific indoor air quality skill is of particularly high value and versatility. Good humidity control and air circulation inhibit bacteria spread and mold growth. On top of that, it also makes the air more comfortable and breathable.

Combat the Spread of Common Allergens

Pollen, industrial pollution, dust and other allergens can make life hard for people with respiratory issues. As an indoor air quality expert, you’ll be able to identify what’s aggravating the allergies, asthma or similar condition that a client may face. Whether you solve the problem with air purifiers or humidity control measures, you can improve a client’s quality of life in a way your competitors can’t.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Appeal to Residential and Commercial Clients

Reducing the spread of viruses is a high priority among homeowners and businesses today. This makes your IAQ services a powerful selling point. Individuals who are particularly vulnerable to viruses such as the elderly, diabetic or immunocompromised have much to gain from hiring your new indoor air quality services.

Win Over Forward-Thinking Businesses

Businesses are uniquely positioned to benefit from the services of an indoor air quality technician. Care homes, restaurants and other crowded spaces have even more reason to invest in fighting the spread of airborne diseases. However, office buildings, call centers and similar jobs can win huge dividends with a modest investment in improved air quality. Stale, unpleasant office air drives down productivity in a way that few managers are aware of. However, studies have indicated that spending as little as $40 per employee on indoor environmental improvements can result in $6,500 worth of greater productivity in the course of a year. 

Schedule IAQ Training for Employees

Modern indoor air quality training courses empower you and your business to reap the benefits of IAQ practices. These courses don’t just teach the mechanics of IAQ, but also what products to recommend and how to win over a prospective client.

Indoor Air Quality Expertise

You’ll leave a comprehensive course with a strong understanding of the tools of the trade and indoor air quality itself. You’ll know the key indicators of poor air quality, the benefits of improving air quality and how to turn a stale indoor environment into a pristine one. 

Valuable Recommendations

You need to sell IAQ services and products that work to profit from your newfound skills. Once you complete the course, you’ll know what technical solutions correspond to which air quality problems. Not only will you profit from your new trade, but you’ll leave a trail of satisfied clients and positive word-of-mouth.

Secure Sales

If everyone knew how valuable quality control for indoor air was, the trade would have boomed a decade ago. It’s not enough to be a technician, you also need to be your own salesman. This consists of being able to take your knowledge and expertise and present it to private individuals, managers and other prospective clients in a way that resonates with them. Naturally, teaching you how to sell indoor air quality services and products is a key component of our IAQ training program.

Rob Ambrosetti

Rob Ambrosetti

KGG’s National Training Director and go-to IAQ expert. Rob is a council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant. He also holds Healthy Home Professional and HVAC Professional certifications from IAQA. Since joining KGG in 2018, Rob has focused on curriculum development and led KGG’s in-house training services. He is also the host of KGG’s industry podcast RepTalk.

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