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About KGG Consulting

After 40 years in HVAC a lightbulb went off! Manufacturers deserve a better option: A national agency that provides a clear path to market and eliminates the industry’s most common barriers to entry. We lead the way in training and marketing to give our manufacturers a competitive advantage that just can’t found anywhere else.

EXPERIENCE: 40+ years of HVAC experience provides an unequaled understanding of your business.

INDUSTRY ADVANTAGE: The only national rep agency in HVAC and a powerful suite of services never before brought together.

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Manufacturer Sales

Our Team of 80 experienced sales men and women is unequaled anywhere in the HVAC industry. You no longer need to hire 12+ different agencies to receive national coverage. One phone call or email is all it will ever take to have your message delivered to every single rep.

SALES REPS: All 80 of our reps are well trained, focused, and professional.

MARKET COVERAGE: Complete coverage throughout the United States and Canada

Some of Our Clients

Product & Industry Training

Training and product awareness has always been a major pain-point in the HVAC industry. With KGG you get complete in-house training for your products. We make sure each of our 80 Sales Reps is familiar with your entire catalog and trained on the nuances of your products. We even offer an entire suite of training peripherals such as videos, and webinars.

ONLINE TRAINING: Webinars, videos, podcasts, all created to easily deliver the most important information.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS: We take every opportunity to introduce and educate industry professionals.

DEALER MEETINGS: Hosting small and large events to bring attention to your products and their value.

HVAC Marketing & Digital Services

Your business needs a customized marketing strategy that fits your goals and represents your brand. It starts with the initial conversation about your immediate concerns, vulnerabilities, and long-term campaign goals. After our evaluation and competitive analysis, you’ll be presented with a thorough strategy that can begin immediately.

STRATEGY: Designed to deliver your message to your customers and optimize resource allocation.

CREATIVE & PAID MEDIA: Our agency will do it all for you. Images, video, ad copy and ad placement.

DIGITAL CORE: We can cover the basics too! Website, social media, regularly scheduled content, etc.


Rob Ambrosetti

Rob Ambrosetti

Channel Development · Growth Strategy
Partner Relations · Instructor



Chris Grubbs

Marketing Manager · Brand Strategy · Paid Media
Content Development · Data Analysis