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Seeing how the HVAC industry operates, KGG Consulting believes that manufacturers deserve a better way to reach out to the target market. Manufacturers and contractors will find it easier to meet business goals when they work with an agency that clears the path to the market and addresses the industry’s challenges.

An established agency also helps HVAC businesses gain a competitive advantage. This is what we’re here for.

Our agency provides basic HVAC online training in three important aspects of business: industry training, product training, and sales training. We conduct both online training and in-person sessions, depending on your preference and needs. We also create training videos and webinars.

Let us incorporate your business concerns and goals into worthwhile HVAC industry training sessions.

HVAC Industry Training

HVAC manufacturers and contractors gain peace of mind by knowing that technicians know how to set up the equipment once they arrive on the job site. Not only do they gain satisfaction from having a team that works fast and smart. A thorough job means higher customer satisfaction and fewer call-backs. As a result, a good reputation makes it easier to gain more potential clients and meet business targets.

Our HVAC industry training program ensures that your team gets the training needed to install and operate the equipment without flaws. These training sessions provide a morale-boosting opportunity to learn and improve.
HVAC Product Training

Continuing education is especially important in the HVAC industry. The constant evolution of technology and the introduction of automation lead to the continual development of equipment with the goal of serving clients better and outdoing the competition. Given the regular updates in HVAC equipment, it’s important for your entire team to know your products and their benefits, by heart.

Our online HVAC product training modules encompass a wide range of topics. You can choose which ones are relevant to your business. Along with this, we create training videos that better explain the modules. Alternatively, you may opt for in-person training or group webinars.

HVAC Sales Training

You never run out of ideas on how to improve sales. After all, you’re constantly competing with other brands that offer similar product to yours. But it may be difficult to raise the bar on sales excellence when there are so many factors involved, like people, processes, structure, and management. Our HVAC sales training module helps you pinpoint which factors you need to focus on for noticeable sales growth.

Our training team helps you tap into revenue growth potential so that you can unlock the key to better sales performance. We also touch on strategic account management to help you maintain and grow accounts.

Why Choose Us

KGG Consulting isn’t your ordinary online training agency. Our industry, product, and sales training for HVAC businesses are highly effective because our team has over 40 years of industry experience.

The KGG team has seen the evolution of the HVAC industry as well as the products, tools, and equipment sold in it. We understand the challenges that manufacturers face, especially when it comes to sales. We also understand the solutions that the target market is looking for.

Our training team gathers these insights and incorporates them into our online training modules. As a result, we help your business break the industry’s most common barriers and gain a competitive advantage.

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