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At its core, content marketing or inbound marketing, is creating content that your audience is naturally interested in. As a quick example, think about the process immediately before someone decides they need professional help.

They might start searching online for things like: My AC isn’t very cold, ac makes funny noise, ac fan isn’t working.. or any number of things that you probably hear daily.

Writing an article or creating a video to help them diagnose and possibly fix the problem will have a greater affect in that scenario versus an ad for your service.

Content Marketing Strategy

Have heard you need Quality over Quantity? That’s wrong!

You need both. Media consumption is at all time high and trends show it’s only going up. To make quality content at scale, you need to a good strategy and an efficient process.

You can’t over produce content and no matter how hard you try, some will fall flat. All data is good, even if it’s technically bad. Learn from each experience and optimize over time.

Define your Goals

Think about what you want to accomplish. Decide who you want to target, how will they find it, and what is the best media to deliver your message. How will you measure success for this content? Make sure you have some ability to track the results.

Establish your KPI’s

Measure and track your specific goals against your content.. and do it every month. This will help your content marketing decisions moving forward. Time is a very important part of the equation most people forget.

A new video will cost you some amount of time and/or money. Maybe the first month there are no new leads so it’s a net loss. Over the next 12 months, it might generate 5 leads and be a big win overall. Content will last forever and never stop working for you.

Understand your Audience

You can do this by data analysis or by just staying actively engaged with your community. Ask past customers about their experience, respond thoughtfully to ever reviews, join every HVAC related conversation, etc.

The more engaged you are, the easier it will be to understand your customer’s point of view.

Assess your Current Situation

Have you created content in the past? Audit your content using tools like SEMrush to see how your content competes on search engines. They will provide tips if your content needs improvement. It will also reveal content gaps, which are keywords you should be focusing on for new content moving forward.

Never posted something? Well, go! Get started now.. that’s just crazy. Get started by trying to recreate your customer’s journey or talk to past customers. If this was a personal friend, what guidance or advice would have given along the way?

Decide your Content Types

If you are creating videos, Youtube is an obvious channel to put energy into, but also consider how it can be repurposed to be used effectively elsewhere. Let data guide your actions moving forward. If something’s working, focus 80% of your energy on that. The other 20% on testing other things.

Identify the Best Channels for your Business

Think about what kind of content you want to create, and see what social platforms would benefit you the most. Research what kinds of content do best on those platforms and learn everything you can to optimize them.

Even the same media can be very different on each platform. Video is much different on Youtube than it is on Instagram.

Resource and Allocation Details

Identify who is going to be responsible for creating the content, understand what resources it will take to create the content, and develop a workflow to hold them accountable.

Create a Content Calendar

This holds everyone involved accountable to deadlines. Example: By Monday afternoon XYZ has to create an outline. By Tuesday morning XYZ has to approve it. Weds – article rough draft. Thursday – Final edits. Friday – Post.

Create the Content

Make sure you have created an idea that your audience will find helpful, timely, relevant, educational, or inspiring. Don’t try to make it perfect. But make sure it is thoughtful high-quality content.

Market and Distribute

Write out the description, links, and titles to ensure you are doing everything you can to make your content reach the masses on the platforms you are sharing your content on. Each social platform will have its own unique set of descriptive information you can add to it. If there is a place to add descriptions, titles, hashtags, links, do it all.
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