Why Work with Outsider Sales Representatives

An internal sales department may make it easy to reach out to your target audience, evaluate their needs, negotiate with them, and convince them to purchase products or sign service contracts. But as an HVAC manufacturer that’s aiming to hit higher sales targets, you may get more results with a sales agency that works for HVAC clients.

Here are multiple reasons to do so:

Lower Payroll and Benefits Cost: A salesperson hired directly by your company may cost you more money in the long run. Add up their base pay, holiday pay, vacation and sick leaves, insurance benefits, and travel expenses. Toss in payroll taxes, liability insurance, and workers comp insurance. You may be spending more on your employees than they could be bringing back to your company.

Lower Training Costs: Not all new members of your sales team can hit the ground running. They have to know your company culture and be well-versed in your products before they start reaching out to potential clients. They’ll be on your payroll for longer than they’re bringing in sales. On the other hand, hiring an experienced professional gives you results from the get-go.

Better Market Access: Even though you employ your own team of dedicated salespersons, they may not have the same extensive network that outsider sales representatives have. A sales agency already has an established team of sales reps who are familiar with your different market locations. These reps will already have a list of prospective clients that they believe would be interested in your product line.

Stronger Sales Force: If you run a sales department, your reps have a base salary to rely on. But when you work with an agency to sell your HVAC product line, the agents don’t have that base salary that regular employees do. As such, they need to secure sales or service contracts before they can start earning. They can’t afford to slack off, so they’ll work extra hard to boost your sales.

Overall, an external sales team can immediately start selling because of experience and an existing network. You’ll get more results without exhausting resources.

Why Choose KGG Consulting

Working with KGG Consulting is different from working with other sales agencies. We’ve been in the HVAC industry for over 40 years. So we’re familiar with the marketing challenges that manufacturers face. We’re also well-acquainted with the solutions that your target audience needs. Our team combines these insights with extensive market research to provide services that guarantee your success.

In addition to an extensive industry background, here are more reasons to choose us:

Large Team of Sales Reps: Our HVAC sales agency is home to 80 sales reps who are well-trained, focused, and professional. They have the expertise and experience your business needs to get ahead of the competition.

Wide Market Coverage Area: Our HVAC sales representatives provide complete market coverage throughout the United States and Canada. They promote your products anywhere you need them to.

There’s no need to hire the services of multiple agencies to ensure national coverage. With a single phone call or email, you can tell our sales reps the message you want them to deliver.