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Contractor calls and training are KEY to our success – EP1

Updated August 13, 2020

RepTalk No1 – Tony DiNicola shares stories and strategies for selling and educating contractors on IAQ products. (CleanComfort | Dustfree)

Working with the Territory Sales Manager to Sit Down with Contractors

It started off as a training session partnering with the territory manager in my area and getting out in front of large contractors that are interested in indoor air quality products.

The contractor had an interest in only one particular segment of products but was open to hearing about the whole breadth of IAQ products available to them.

Contractors really like partnering with and consolidating their vendors because they can get all of these great products without having it piecemeal from all these different salespeople. And Goodman, for example, offers all of these rebates, bundles, and incentives. So every one of these products counts towards those programs.

What started with just one product quickly turned into, “ what else do you have?” Showing the line card, they started pointing at it, “I want to hear more about that … I want to hear more about that.” The half-hour meeting turned into 2 hours of just going through the entire IAQ product line.

We walked out of there with an order for multiple segments of clean comfort and related products.

Tony DiNiola is an experienced Manufacturers’ Representative for Midwest Environmental Products based in Elgin, Illinois. He holds a Universal Technician Certificate in HVAC from the Environmental Technical Institute.

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