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Creating Healthy Home Habits With Hayward Score

Updated December 10, 2020

Building Healthy Homes

At KGG, we often discuss the importance of good indoor air quality, as well as the control strategies available to improve indoor air. Such solutions are focused on air purification, ventilation, air filtration, humidity control and source control. Another way to think of this? Healthy home habits. Our manufacturer partners’ industry experience, indoor air quality research and science all show the benefit of whole-home solutions. This is why the IAQ products and lines we represent are focused on enhancing air quality for the entire space. 

From the HVAC industry perspective, improving IAQ means addressing deficiencies and problems in existing residential and commercial spaces. However, to fully understand the future of indoor air quality, it’s necessary to also look at IAQ efforts happening in the design phase. It’s the difference between bettering homes that are struggling with the consequences of poor air quality and building homes better from the ground up. Ensuring builders and consumers have indoor air quality in mind makes all the difference. That means healthy home habits are the focus in the first place.

To understand the builder point of view, RepTalk Host Rob Ambrosetti spoke with Bill Hayward. Hayward is the founder and CEO of Hayward Score and the CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer of Hayward Lumber. Hayward’s first interest in indoor air quality came after he and his family experienced a number of physical and mental health symptoms after moving into their new home. In 2008, determined to better understand and make changes, he pursued a way to help builders and homeowners alike through a combination of building science and medical science. The result: Hayward Score.

Hayward Score

Hayward Score is a great resource on how to make unhealthy homes healthy and how to build healthy homes. The obvious focus? Health. One of the key takeaways in this episode is the value of focusing on HVAC and IAQ upgrades for the purpose of health and wellness. Consumer demand and attention is changing. There is a greater focus on health in relation to indoor spaces than ever before. 

To have a home scored, users take a 50 question online quiz to “diagnose” the space’s problems and potential fixes. To date, Hayward Score has helped score over 80,000 homes. As a result, Hayward Score successfully gained a massive amount of home indoor air quality data while helping thousands of residents and families learn the importance of air quality. The site gives users the tools to create their own healthy home habits. 

The Industry Perspective

Hayward Score is helpful to HVAC contractors and IAQ professionals because it is an independent and trusted resource that consumers seek out on their own. Your customers then come away with a vested interest in their home’s air quality and a desire to improve it. Plus, established trust in your services and recommendations as the expert. Similarly, for builders, the Hayward Score provides data and experience to help build the most efficient homes possible. As suggested by Hayward in this episode of RepTalk, the HVAC industry truly only stands to benefit from a continued focus on indoor air quality and creating healthy homes and buildings. Tune in to learn more.

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