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The Value of HVAC Training With Perfect Technician Academy’s Dr. Thomas Moorman

Updated April 20, 2021

There is a tremendous ongoing shortage of skilled tradespeople. As KGG’s Training Director and RepTalk host Rob Ambrosetti says in this episode, the need for more HVAC contractors is a known fact. Coupled with one of the busiest years ever for home service businesses like HVAC companies–and the industry is certainly feeling the pinch.

Perhaps your company is looking for new candidates, trained technicians or experienced contractors to support the continued onslaught of demand as a majority of America works from home. Maybe you yourself are looking to enter the HVAC and IAQ industries during the boom. Or simply you’re looking for a change of career in the always in-demand skilled trades. Regardless–it’s crucial to understand the opportunities available for those willing to train and attend a trade school or vocational program.

Perfect Technician Academy

For this episode of RepTalk, Rob Ambrosetti spoke with Dr. Thomas Moorman, the Provost and School Director of Perfect Technician Academy. Located outside of Fort Worth, Texas, the trade school is a unique vocational education. An all-immersive program, students learn and train eight hours a day, six days a week. The benefit to such a rigorous schedule? Graduates walk away with a knowledge of the HVAC business in six weeks.

With a doctorate degree in education, Dr. Moorman has a unique and fresh perspective on the benefits and successes of trade school and PTA’s vigorous curriculum. Moorman provides in-depth details about job placement after graduation, continued mentorship and learning offered through the school, housing, tuition cost, potential funding and program certifications.

With 60% of students coming from out-of-state, the program is certainly not limited to Texas residents or locals. PTA also appeals to those in life transition periods, looking for a change or seeking a different way to use previously learned technical skills. With several military veterans helping design the HVAC curriculum, the school particularly appeals to veterans. Over the course of the past year and the pandemic, PTA partnered with several employers and military bases and organizations across the nation to help skilled men and women train in new positions to reenter civilian life.

Choosing HVAC Trade School & IAQ Training

In the episode, Dr. Moorman explains that it’s a common misperception that HVAC is a minimum wage job. Rather, he explains, it can be a very successful and lucrative business for those willing to train and work hard. And despite the bad reputation trade schools might have, Dr. Moorman speaks to the value skilled trade training provides.

Not only is there a growing demand for experienced HVAC technicians, HVAC contractors and IAQ experts because of the pandemic, but as a necessity for both residential and commercial spaces–it’s a business that will always be needed.

From one educator to another, listen in as Ambrosetti and Dr. Moorman discuss the possibilities of pursuing HVAC and IAQ certification and training today.

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