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Goodman/Clean Comfort IAQ Toolkit

We want you to succeed in the IAQ business so our team has put together this toolkit just for you!

From IAQ experts trained in the latest technologies in every market to online training courses, it’s never been easier to succeed in the IAQ industry. Take advantage of what we’ve put together here and then talk to your local KGG Rep.

what you should expect

What we can do for your business

Every time we hear about a problem or gap in the field, we start working on a solution. If you have something in mind not covered here, please let us know.

We've built a concise slide deck that has proven successful countless times. The 10-slide presentation can be used by anyone.

We can also customize the deck with a co-branded introduction slide and contact information final slide.

We have reps in every single market and they are certified IAQ Experts. Reach out to your local rep and schedule a ride-along (or zoom-along).

Our online course library is growing every month. We work directly with HVAC manufacturers to bring you the most important and accurate information.

Our courses are designed for anyone in the HVAC industry and be taken at your own pace.

With every job, on every consultation, add an in-home IAQ inspection with recommendations. We've created a basic template for you to use and offer to your contractors.

This is just a sample. Logos and special offers can be added as needed.

Additional Resources

You have a unique market advantage

You have access to the absolute best IAQ products in the industry. But maybe you’re not quite sure how to talk about them.

Consider contacting your local rep or check out IAQ.Works where we publish tons of information for people not in our industry. You might find some things there to help you start the conversation.

The purpose of this site is to raise public awareness about indoor air quality problems and discuss possible solutions. We don’t attempt any type of sale or premature diagnosis. Instead, we always recommend that homeowners contact their local IAQ expert.

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contact us to get started

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