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Adoption of Smart Home Products, 2021 HVAC System Trends

Updated December 21, 2020

There’s an uptick in demand for HVAC smart home systems, and with good reason. They are energy efficient, simplify technology and enable homeowners to better control quality and comfort.  

As an HVAC contractor, it’s essential you stay well-versed on the best smart HVAC home systems on the market. It’s also important you add these services and products to your website and online directories.  This will help customers find you when they are searching for these services online. Create educational content, and share their benefit on social media.  This will get your existing followers and customers interested in these solutions.    

What are Smart Home Control Systems?

Most of you are likely already familiar with these products, so we won’t go into too much detail. In it’s simplest form, these are systems that automate, intuitively adjust and are controlled by a smartphone. The user sets their preferences, and the system handles the rest. Comfort, energy efficiency and Indoor Air Quality are the top selling points.        

Popular HVAC Control Systems

There are a handful of popular HVAC control systems you should know about, and one to differentiate yourself from the pack.

The must knows are:

  • Smart thermostat
  • Smart heating and cooling products: optimized compressor and air handler
  • Sensor-driven whole-home ventilation
  • Smart dampers  

To differentiate yourself, also know:

Millennials Love Smart Home Products

A growing number of millennials are starting to buy homes, and they love technology.  They tend to be aware and concerned about their home’s air quality, and knowledgeable about smart home technology.  It’s likely they learned about or got interested in smart HVAC home products because a friend or a family member has one installed in their home.

To earn this demographic’s business, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with these products. Have product recommendations ready and marketing materials to leave them with. And, if your business offers financing, leave them with a quote.

The Future of Smart Home Products

In, 2018, the smart home HVAC product market was $8.3 billion. Due to the pandemic, indoor air quality awareness and demand has skyrocketed sales.  According to this report, the global smart HVAC control market is expected to reach approximately $28.3 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of slightly above 19.1% through 2025.

Some say the market could be much higher with more homeowner awareness of:

  • How much smart home products can save them money on energy bills
  • Just how much control they can have over their HVAC system
  • The impact these products have on comfort and air quality

Advertisements and media coverage does a great job at building awareness about these solutions, but it’s not enough. The thing is, your average customer sees roughly 5,000 ads a day–and a product like this is easily drowned out in the noisy world of advertising. 

The most effective way to sell these solutions is during those one-on-one conversations you have with homeowners over the phone, email and across their kitchen table. 

Ken Grubbs

Ken Grubbs

Founder and managing director of KGG with over four decades of experience in the HVAC industry and two decades as KGG’s director. Ken is well-versed in the HVAC and IAQ world. He is passionate about the future of the HVAC industry and the role indoor air quality can play in health and wellness. Leading HVAC manufacturer sales ⤑

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