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Old and New Challenges Facing HVAC Manufacturers and Contractors Beyond 2021

Updated August 17, 2021

HVAC industry newbies and experienced laborers alike will come across many challenges in the current market environment. This includes many difficulties dealt with in the first year of the pandemic. Issues like creating contactless alternatives for home/office consultations, supply chain delays and product shortages.

65% of respondents expect COVID-19 to result in long-term business viability concerns, according to an Air Conditioning Contractors of America survey. Meanwhile, 9% are worried they might have to close up shop. Revenue is of course a necessity for a thriving business and HVAC sales consulting can help.

Turning Changing Consumer Needs Into Sales Opportunities 

Despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic initially, things are looking up for the HVAC industry. Vaccination rates will likely result in a larger workforce return. Thus, creating a greater need for HVAC solutions in commercial and industrial properties. HVAC manufacturers can meet this need by developing and releasing products specifically designed for commercial and industrial spaces. It’s critical to still keep in mind that businesses are also in a crunch due to the challenging economy. For that reason, solutions and strategies that reduce HVAC equipment installation, maintenance and operation expenses are desired.

Meanwhile, those continuing to work from home are realizing the importance of indoor air quality, humidity control and temperature in comfort and health. Heatwaves in certain parts of the country have also increased the demand for AC units, supplies and services—especially during summer. The biggest challenge right now is keeping up with demand. Once HVAC businesses overcome this hurdle, they can better serve their clients by marketing HVAC and IAQ solutions in addition to AC.  

The opportunity to provide technical solutions that fit these different preferences is huge. Manufacturers can create a strategic advantage in this area by tailoring their solutions to specific needs and ensuring the quality of work doesn’t compromise responsiveness. The opportunities available to HVAC equipment makers are limitless, but only if they keep an open mind. As new challenges arise, manufacturers must be willing to change their strategies and adapt.

It’s also beneficial for manufacturers to invest in sales consulting services. With the advice of professional consultants, they can better meet the requirements and expectations of a diverse range of customers—commercial and industrial buyers, building managers, homeowners, individual consumers and so on.

HVAC Industry Challenges and Opportunities 2021

Despite the advances made as a civilization since the start of the pandemic, viruses are still a very present threat. Viruses will likely continue to pose a threat to our health and economic situation for the next few years. For many HVAC companies, this means they must be extra careful with budgeting and supply chain processes in order to ensure client satisfaction. 

Meantime, new technologies’ impact will increase dramatically. Personalized AC systems are projected to become more popular due to the increasing demand for features that allow users personal control over indoor air quality. New manufacturing techniques will likely enable manufacturers with such products to slash their prices considerably compared with other types of cooling equipment on the market today.  

The demand for HVAC products and services will also increase. In the commercial sector, workspaces will continue to grow as people go back to work. And as people take action against high temperatures, they’re likely to acknowledge and seek ways of maximizing productivity. This means businesses have an opportunity to sell AC units that not only reduce temperature but also improve customer satisfaction by increasing concentration and lowering stress levels.  

Never Miss an Opportunity with Sales Consulting 

HVAC manufacturers and companies have their hands full overseeing day-to-day operations. But it’s critical to stay on top of consumer desires, new technologies and events that will affect business. They can get the expertise and assistance they need to identify market opportunities, improve sales numbers and stay up-to-speed on consumer demands through HVAC sales consulting

KGG Consulting’s team helps businesses identify barriers to success and develop solutions. KGG also teaches effective techniques and provides useful sales tools to staff members in the field. This includes salespersons, customer service representatives and technicians.

Our agency consolidates sales management for your business, eliminating the need to hire representatives for every area you serve. 

Instead, we have our own team of sales professionals who will sell your products. Experts that are up-to-date on HVAC industry news and trained to spot new ways to sell your products more effectively. It involves showcasing your product as the best solution to specific consumer needs. 

Simply put, we’re informed and in touch with current industry happenings. Your business benefits through lower training and staffing costs, increased sales and more time to focus on your core operations. 

Christopher Grubbs

Christopher Grubbs

Chris is the driving force behind KGG's marketing initiatives. Boasting over a decade in digital marketing, Chris's expertise is deeply rooted in HVAC lines and IAQ products. In 2018, recognizing the pivotal role of online presence in today's market, he pioneered KGG's in-house digital and marketing services. For collaborations or to learn more, connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

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