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Builder Benefits to White House’s New Clean Air Buildings Challenge

Updated May 4, 2022

The Clean Air Buildings Challenge is a voluntary invitation for builders to develop the most energy-efficient and sustainable buildings possible. This challenge provides an opportunity for builders to showcase their ability to construct environmentally friendly buildings that use less energy and water, produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and provide better indoor air quality for occupants. The White House’s challenge for clean air building benefits the builder in many ways.

Why Should Builders Participate in Clean Air in Buildings Challenge?

There are many reasons why builders should participate in the Clean Air Buildings Challenge. Participating in the challenge can help builders:

  • Showcase their commitment to constructing environmentally friendly buildings
  • Gain recognition and awards for their efforts
  • Access funding and other resources that can help them continue developing sustainable buildings
  • Build their expertise in green building practices
  • Gain valuable experience working with new technologies and materials

What Do Builders Have to Do to Benefit from this Challenge?

To participate in the Clean Air Buildings Challenge, builders must:

  • commit to constructing buildings that meet or exceed stringent energy efficiency and sustainability standards
  • work with an approved partner organization to develop and submit a comprehensive plan for their building project that outlines how they will achieve these standards
  • develop and execute an IAQ action plan that starts with assessments and inspections, and ends with upgrades and improvements
  • install and/or enhance ventilation, filtration, and air cleaning devices

What is the Role of an HVAC System in Green Buildings? As the demand for green buildings rises, so does the need for HVAC systems that are designed specifically to meet those needs. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes an HVAC system green and how it can play a role in optimizing energy efficiency in your building. Read more ➡

Working with your local HVAC and IAQ experts is the best way to approach this. Energy efficiency and sustainability standards are becoming increasingly common in the building industry. It is important for builders to be familiar with these standards and how to meet them. Additionally, working with an approved partner organization will give builders access to resources and support that can help them successfully complete the challenge.

How Can Builders Improve Indoor Air Quality?

To construct buildings that meet or exceed the standards, it is important for builders to work with energy efficiency, sustainability, HVAC systems, and IAQ experts. These experts can help builders select the most efficient and sustainable building materials, products, and systems for their projects. They can also help develop and implement a plan to achieve the challenge’s energy efficiency and sustainability standards.

Some of the experts that builders may want to work with include:

  • Local HVAC contractors
  • Local IAQ experts
  • Energy efficiency consultants
  • Sustainability consultants
  • Green building experts

Working with a team of experts who understand how to optimize both the building envelope and mechanical systems is the best way to improve IAQ. By collaborating with professionals who specialize in IAQ, HVAC, and energy efficiency, builders can create homes and buildings that have better air quality while using less energy.

Any builders interested in joining the challenge must first partner up with the right people, products, and programs. Our team at KGG can help bridge those gaps. Contact us to learn more ➡

Rob Ambrosetti

Rob Ambrosetti

KGG’s National Training Director and go-to IAQ expert. Rob is a council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant. He also holds Healthy Home Professional and HVAC Professional certifications from IAQA. Since joining KGG in 2018, Rob has focused on curriculum development and led KGG’s in-house training services. He is also the host of KGG’s industry podcast RepTalk.

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