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Maryland HVAC Contractor Chooses Dust Free’s Whole-Home Air Purifier After in-Home Test

Updated July 21, 2021

The HVAC industry’s focus is shifting toward Indoor Air Quality products and services. Consumer awareness and demand for Indoor Air Quality is increasing. This is due to general health and wellness concerns, energy-efficiency goals and recent concerns about airborne viruses. As a result, there are a multitude of air purification options on the market today.

With a greater number of people working from home and spending more time in their living spaces than ever before, HVAC contractors and companies are responsible for meeting the rising demand for Indoor Air Quality control solutions. 

Whole-Home Air Purifier Trial

Such is true for one contractor who has noticed increased interest in IAQ since the start of the pandemic. Steve Smith Sr. is the President of American Sheet Metal Heating and Air Conditioning located in Pasadena, Maryland. His company recently started selling Dust Free air purification systems. However, before offering the product to his customers, Smith chose to try the active air purification system in his own home. 

“Really, there’s so many of these products out there and I just wanted to try it before [selling] to see if I liked it. Because I really don’t like selling something to my customer if they’re not gonna be happy,” Smith said of his decision for a personal trial period of Dust Free’s purifier. 

“I wanted to see how they were and how they worked on my own system. So, I installed one in my house … to see how it operated, how much it changed the air, just to see the particulars on it. I was impressed.”

Contractor Testimonial

With numerous options on the market, it can be difficult for customers to choose the best whole-home air purifier for their space based on product information alone. This is part of the reason a contractor’s testimonial is so valuable. 

There are three categories of indoor air pollutants that the purification process can eliminate; germs, gases and particulates. The Dust Free active unit eliminates all three.

“The Dust Free active uses two technologies to treat all three [categories]; bipolar ionization and active photocatalytic oxidation. Most other devices are single technology devices that only treat one or two of the contaminants,” certified Indoor Air Quality expert Rob Ambrosetti explained.

“Many single technology devices that get installed don’t treat what the homeowner really needs help with and they ultimately are disappointed with the results.”

Smith was pleased with his test run of the systems and explained that the purification effect was obvious. “We have dogs and it made a big difference. When you come into the house, you know you have dogs no matter what … but it took it away, it took the dog odor away and I’m very impressed.” 

Dust Free Active Air Purification

Dust Free’s air purification system creates a noticeable difference partly because it’s installed directly into the HVAC system. It uses the air supply already present in the house–filtering, purifying and sterilizing air and surfaces in the process. As Ambrosetti explains, “Basically, wherever there is a supply register, the air and surfaces within that space will be proactively treated with the air purification technology.” 

Smith also noticed odor reduction in his home when cooking. “If my wife is cooking fish–you know how you can smell if someone is cooking fish. Before we put the unit on, on the second floor, in a short period of time the fish smell would go away on the first floor, but you go upstairs and it’d still be there. So I know it’s working, it’s working great.” Obvious odor reduction is a helpful way to observe the purification process actively reducing indoor pollutants.

Ambrosetti explained that the purification system starts working as soon as the main air fan or blower is on. “Usually within a couple of hours a difference is [noticeable] for most people.” 

HVAC companies across the country have been tasked with determining the best indoor air quality devices on the market. Contractors like Steve Smith Sr. know that product choice matters in order to keep long-term customers happy and win over new clients. With the air purifier market expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.6% from 2020 to 2027, it’s helpful for HVAC businesses to find dependable products and distributors now. Dust Free’s whole-home air purifier is both trusted by contractors and is an industry favorite.

Sara Romano

Sara Romano

Sara is KGG’s Associate Content Director and a part of KGG’s digital services team. A recent graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Sara joined KGG in 2020. She works as a writer, editor, and social media content creator for KGG. She is passionate about the importance of indoor air quality and environmental health.

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