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How to Create the Perfect HVAC Marketing Campaign in 2020

Updated November 2, 2020

Do you want to grow your HVAC business? Of course, you do! Do you want to grow it in a way so you can move beyond repeat and referral customers?  You likely need to create an HVAC marketing campaign to help get you there.

You need to market your business. Marketing is so much more than just running an ad campaign somewhere and hope that it works. You need to have a plan and a strategy that ties the right message to the right audience.

Read on to learn how you can create an HVAC marketing campaign that will get results for your business.

Run a Complete Strategy

Advertising doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In other words, you need to do more than just run one ad on Google. A marketing campaign is comprised of a number of different tactics, all carefully chosen to create more impressions in your market.

This creates, trust and credibility in the market. People who trust your company and believe you to be credible will buy from you.

Your website should function as the centerpiece of your digital strategy. It’s like the hub of a wheel. All of the spokes are different tactics that drive traffic to the hub. The idea is to use the right tactics to drive traffic to your website.

Remember that your customers are on a journey. There will be some customers who need HVAC repair immediately. Those calls are usually on the hottest and coldest days of the year.

There are other people who are searching for information to learn more about their HVAC unit. They may want to know how to change the filter in their unit.

Part of your strategy should include ways to convert those customers into calls or leads. Your strategy should also include ways to keep your brand in front of those who aren’t ready to buy yet.

Know Your Target Audience

How well do you know your target audience? Your marketing campaign has to connect with them on an emotional level, so you have to understand them really well.

You might think that your target audience is anyone in a 25-mile radius who needs HVAC repair or service. You may be hesitant to drill down further because you feel like excluding people means you’re leaving money on the table.

That’s not the case at all. The more specific you are with your audience, the easier it is to market to them and connect with them.

Take the time to know who your customer is, where they live, how much they make, and the main challenges they have with their HVAC unit.

Pick Your Marketing Tactics

You have to pick and choose your marketing tactics now that you have the foundation down. There are dozens of marketing tactics to choose from. These are some of the common ones that you can employ.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the use of case studies, videos, blog posts, email marketing, and social media marketing to drive traffic to your site.

With content marketing, it ties together with SEO, social media, and other marketing tactics. Businesses with blogs generate more leads than ones that don’t have one.


SEO for HVAC companies is challenging because you have so many companies vying for the top spot. You can beat the competition by referring to your customer’s journey and apply that to SEO.

For example, a customer who needs HVAC service now will look up something like “HVAC company near me.” A person who is researching how to maintain their HVAC unit will look up “when to maintain HVAC unit.”

You want to be positioned to address both questions with your content.

Be Consistent

Business owners tend to make a very common mistake when they run a marketing campaign. They try something for two or three weeks, the phone isn’t ringing off the hook, so they assume that it’s not working.

They end the marketing campaign before it even has a chance to be a success. The vast majority of marketing campaigns are not an overnight success.

Your job is to be patient and consistent. You also want to have realistic expectations as to when you should see results. You have to get your brand in front of customers multiple times before they begin to trust your company.

Do it consistently, and you’ll see an increase in sales. Brand consistency can lead to a 23% increase in sales.

Measure and Adjust Your HVAC Marketing Campaign

You need data to make decisions. There is no doubt about it. You may be tempted to make assumptions as to how your campaign is doing. The only way to know for sure is to measure results.

Every couple of weeks, take a look at your analytics. Google Analytics is a good tool to use because it allows you to see any increases in traffic in

You can also set up Google Analytics to show your conversion rates. After all, if you’re doing a lot of work to drive traffic to your site and it doesn’t do anything, something isn’t right with your campaign.

This is the part where the art of marketing meets the science of data. Data will tell you so much about your campaign, and you can make adjustments accordingly.

You always want to test ideas and make improvements to your marketing campaign. That’s how it will go from a decent campaign to a pure winner that drives business.

Ready to Begin Your HVAC Marketing Campaign?

Running an HVAC business isn’t easy because it’s so competitive. However, with the right HVAC marketing campaign, you can

There is so much more to marketing than running a paid ad somewhere. Great marketing campaigns make your market remember your business name. That’s going to be the company they call when they’re in need of HVAC repair or service.

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