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California HVAC Contractor Uses Dust Free’s Active Air Purifier

Updated January 9, 2021

When it comes to Indoor Air Quality, successful HVAC companies should have experience both using and selling the products and services they offer. Tassio Temperature Control, an HVAC sales and maintenance company based in Canoga Park, California has such experience. 

With more people working from home and spending time indoors than ever before, the focus is on Indoor Air Quality. “People are stuck in their homes, I’m trying to express to them … this is where you’re going to be spending so much of your time, make sure your air is clean. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself and your family,” said Jennie FitzRandolph, Tassio Temperature Control’s Service and Operations Manager. 

Air Purification

One of the top air quality control strategies HVAC professionals are recommending is air purification. Air purification systems utilize bi-polar ionization to remove toxic air pollutants. The result: cleaner air and surfaces. 

Tassio has focused their recent efforts on informing customers about the benefits of air purification. FitzRandolph explained that they offer it to almost every client, and explain that purification systems are something everyone should upgrade to. Tassio has these conversations with both residential and commercial clients. They’ve also prioritized customer awareness. Tassio included purification information on their website and social media. 

FitzRandolph personally has a unit in her own home. She also benefits from clean air at work, where Tassio installed a unit in the office. “We installed them in our offices because if we’re going to sell something, we like to use it,” FitzRandolph explained. 

Noticeable Fresh Air

Her personal experience with air purification? Citing the distinct fresh smell, she said that she liked it because it meant she knew it was working. “It also has the feel of being very antiseptic to me, and that was actually comforting to me, to be able to walk into the office and know that it was working.”

Some people, however, are put off by the initial smell. For those that don’t prefer it, they can opt for the carbon model DustFree offers which FitzRandolph has found helps their sales. “The odor associated from active air purification is very subjective and not everyone smells it,” certified Indoor Air Quality expert Rob Ambrosetti explained. “The most common description from customer feedback is that it smells like someone cleaned. Most people don’t find it objectionable and very often one’s sense of it disappears over time.” 

Another important aspect of the DustFree units is that they don’t “use ozone to treat the space like some other devices on the market,” Ambrosetti said.

Combatting the Cost-Prohibitive Customer Perspective

The biggest issue Tassio has found with selling air purification systems is cost. “I think that at the moment, even though there is a very specific need for it, I find that people are still finding it cost-prohibitive. Between people not working and not having extra money to spend, for some reason, they’re just hesitant. It doesn’t make any sense to me.” 

While FitzRandolph understands that Indoor Air Quality upgrades are not a small amount of money, she thinks it’s a worthy and necessary investment when it comes to health and safety. In the new year, Tassio is planning to start offering financing options to help customers break up payments. They hope this will help clients feel that IAQ upgrades are possible. 

Finding different ways to make air purification accessible is important considering purifiers many benefits. The systems install directly into the HVAC system, making it an easy upgrade for homeowners. “The existing ductwork is used as primary means to send the friendly air scrubbers throughout the entire home. This whole home solution not only purifies the air but every surface that is touched in the house,” Ambrosetti said. “Clean fresh air can be delivered in under an hour in most applications.” 

Indoor Air Quality Upgrades

We applaud businesses like Tassio Temperature Control that have chosen to upgrade their own system to provide healthier breathing air to employees and customers alike. And–for their efforts to better inform customers about Indoor Air Quality upgrades and find helpful ways to make it more accessible to consumers.

Sara Romano

Sara Romano

Sara is KGG’s Associate Content Director and a part of KGG’s digital services team. A recent graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Sara joined KGG in 2020. She works as a writer, editor, and social media content creator for KGG. She is passionate about the importance of indoor air quality and environmental health.

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