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Create Healthy Buildings Using the Six Pillars of IAQ in 2022

Updated March 24, 2022

These days, any contractor or technician can say they “do IAQ jobs,” but very few actually do it right. But it’s not their fault. The truth is, if you want to do IAQ right, you can’t just install solutions without measuring and diagnosing the building’s performance. You need the time to listen to the clients, properly investigate the problem, and then analyze the home by measuring everything. This is what it takes to create healthy buildings.

Creating Healthy Buildings With John Ellis

In this episode, KGG Consulting’s Training Director and REPTalk Host Rob Ambrosetti sat down with John Ellis, Field Service Trainer for The New Flat Rate. Ellis is also an IAQ consultant for immuno-compromised clients across the country. Due to the nature of his work and the clients he works with, his approach to creating healthy buildings is far more thorough and detailed. More than that, it’s the right way to do it. In this video, we cover:

  • his 6 pillars of IAQ
  • why techs might be too busy to sell IAQ
  • why IAQ training and selling needs top-down support
  • how there’s no cutting corners in investigating and analyzing before quoting
  • and more…

6 Pillars of IAQ

Most IAQ companies and technicians will correctly say there are three pillars to indoor air quality – humidity, ventilation, filtration. But for Ellis, there is room for three more pillars to ensure you can create healthy buildings for your customers. His other three pillars are thermal comfort, building pressures, and pollutant identification source control.

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These extra three pillars take time, training, and tools to properly measure the building. The time it takes can deter a contractor and technician from doing this the right way. Instead of taking the extra time to investigate and analyze indoor air quality problems, they skip ahead to quoting IAQ equipment. Much like a doctor, this is malpractice: prescription without a diagnosis.

There is so much value and much to gain from this interview with Ellis. REPTalk episodes are also available to view on KGG’s YouTube page and to listen to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen!

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