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Indoor Humidity for Optimal Health. Healthy Home Hydration with Dr. Stephanie Taylor

Updated August 13, 2020

Ideal indoor humidity is far more important than just a conversation about “comfort”. Today I talk to Dr. Stephanie Taylor about relative humidity and how it affects our overall health.

Stephanie Taylor, MD, M Arch, RSPH(UK), MCAB

Dr. Stephanie Taylor graduated with honors from Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA in 1984, following which she practiced clinical medicine in pediatric oncology and did academic research in cellular growth mechanisms for over 20 years. During this time, she became very concerned about the new infections that many hospital patients contracted while they were being treated for unrelated issues. Determined to better understand the interaction between patient outcomes and the hospital built environment, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Architecture from Norwich University in her home state of Vermont. After several years working in a healthcare facility architectural design firm, she founded Taylor Healthcare Consulting, Inc. to focus on building design and operation elements that impact patient healing. Now an internationally recognized consultant, Dr. Taylor works with architects, engineers, microbiologists, and regulatory committees to design and manage hospitals and other commercial buildings to optimize patient and occupant health.

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