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Diagnosing IAQ Problems With Indoor Environment Consultant and Investigator Jeff May

Updated May 14, 2021

When you hear the word investigation, your mind might jump to law enforcement and legal battles or perhaps your favorite crime procedural drama. Most likely, you do not associate investigations with the HVAC industry or indoor air quality. But you probably should. Indoor air quality control solutions, products, strategies and services are more in demand than ever before. IAQ expertise and the HVAC knowledge to help create healthier indoor environments is needed today. And relevant in a way few could have ever predicted. Many predict that the timely focus on the indoor environment is here to stay, which makes it an opportune time to be in the industry. Having the knowledge and skillset to conduct indoor air quality assessments is an in-demand ability. And while indoor air quality investigator might not be an official term, indoor air quality investigations certainly is.

May Indoor Air Investigations

When it comes to indoor air quality consultants, there is a common first suggestion. Though indoor air quality investigations are not commonplace (yet), Jeffrey May is practically a celebrity in the industry. May was inducted into the Indoor Air Quality Association’s Hall of Fame in 2018, is the author of five IAQ books and is the all-around go-to building consultant for homeowners and facility managers alike. His most recent book, published in 2020, is the second edition of “My House Is Killing Me!,” co-authored with Connie L. May. Republished twenty years after the first edition, it provides an in-depth and comprehensive guide to creating healthier indoor environments.

Jeff May is also the principal scientist at May Indoor Air Investigations in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. May started as a home inspector where he first made the connection between indoor environmental conditions and health. Moving forward, he focused on indoor air quality in particular, helping clients figure out where their HVAC system was failing them and what could be causing respiratory symptoms or health conditions. From discovering hidden mold growth, to improperly installed air filters to dirty system coils, he has seen it all. As indoor air quality consultants, he takes a personal approach to the business. Not only does he conduct assessments and identify indoor pollutants, his company personally analyzes dust samples, investigates several IAQ concerns and provides easily digestible reports and photos for clients.

IAQ Assessments and Consultations

Whether you walk away from May’s talk with ideas to provide better indoor air quality testing reports and recommendations to clients or a drive to begin offering indoor air quality assessments and consulting services–there is something in this episode for you. This special REPtalk episode originally aired as a live webinar with a virtual audience. The live stream has been edited so everyone and anyone can watch and learn from May’s shared stories and experiences from the field! Tune in as May explains his many experiences inspecting indoor spaces (with photos!) and his overall investigation process that uncovers indoor air quality problems.

And, if interested in beginning or updating your indoor air quality training, make sure to consider KGG Consulting’s industry training including group training webinars and free online IAQ training!

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