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IAQ is the Most Important Service Every HVAC Contractor Can Offer Homeowners

Updated August 13, 2020

Ruth King from Contractor Cents
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Why is IAQ important? Indoor air quality is a subject that is on the minds of contractors, consumers, and commercial building owners. There’s so much information out there. Who can you trust? What can you offer to your customers that you know is reputable and will do the job?

Start with ASHRAE and the EPA as trusted resources for your own research. There’s a lot of gray areas and what I would say to anybody, as you’re researching strategies, and devices to help you implement those strategies, third party testing is a big deal. So just make sure whatever you’re looking at for a device, whether it be an air purifier, air cleaner, whatever. Look to make sure there’s it’s third-party tested first and foremost, that’s just a fair statement.

5 Key Factors for Indoor Air Quality – Learn more at IAQ.Works

  1. Source Control
  2. Fresh Air Ventilation
  3. Active air purification
  4. High-Efficiency air filtration
  5. Humidification

So source control is something that shouldn’t cost you very much money because it’s what you want to try to control in your home or contractors helping homeowners.

First and foremost water issues, any water leaks in the dwelling or building right you got to address water issues because water is going to perpetuate you know, mold and anything else that you know, things thrive when they’re wet, especially when they’re dark and wet. So moisture control, whether it be direct water leaks, flashings, roof flashings, or whatever it might be in order to or just an old roof, address water issues.

Secondly, it would be like pest and rodent control because a lot of allergies are based around what they leave behind. And actually, in terms of humidification control, dust mites are a big part of what people are allergic to not so much the dust mite, but something really gross what they leave behind. So not only that but other pests, we’re talking about rodents, whatever they’re leaving behind, it’s this, those are highly allergic, you know, things that we’re talking about. So control over those is a big deal.

And a lot of times humidity is going to help that fixing the cracks and crevices within the dwelling or the building. So getting control over those is that what that’s what we may source control. Also, people that have multiple chemical sensitivity or high sensitivity to volatile organic compounds. Those might be the marshes, glues, cleaners, household cleaners. Some people can’t even have those inside the space, they might have to store those out in the garage.

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