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Haven IAQ Monitoring Success Story in Growing Interest, Demand, and Sales

Updated January 30, 2023

When we learned about how an HVAC manufacturer rep teamed up with the head of sales to generate interest, demand, and sales, we had to have them on. In this episode, we sit down with Alex van Bellegooie, Head of Sales at Haven IAQ, and Mike Carmosino with KASCO Sales Agency (Manufacturers Representative). We explore their Haven IAQ monitoring success story. Specifically, we learn how they got started, dive into exactly what they did to accomplish this, and so much more.

Mini Symposiums Were Critical to Haven IAQ Monitoring Success

Mike Carmosino was responsible for setting up a series of mini IAQ symposiums at a hotel. He asked a distributor he works with to select contractor-customers who might be interested in or benefit from adding IAQ. Their plan was simple and straightforward:

  • They went through the various whole-home IAQ solutions available on the market
  • Explain how IAQ solutions work and how it helps customers breathe better
  • Tie it all together with how the Haven IAQ monitor and control device help contractors use data to serve their homeowners better

The mini symposiums are critical to the Haven IAQ monitoring success story. In fact, it’s something they hope to do again in the near future. They also touch on the importance of IAQ training not just for contractors, but distributors as well. The better educated a distributor or contractor is on IAQ products and services, the easier it is to sell.

Speaking of IAQ Training… Training continues to be a major pain point in the HVAC industry. Techs shouldn’t be out of the field for half of their workday. There had to be a better way, so we created it ourselves. We offer a 3-part IAQ Basics Online Course you can take whenever you want. Best of all, it costs ZERO dollars ➡

Addressing the Disadvantages of IAQ Monitoring Systems

Some HVAC contractors think installing central IAQ monitoring systems will turn their business into a customer call center. For example, a homeowner notices a VOC spike and calls their contractor to discuss it. Haven had an idea this might happen. To address these “nuisance calls,” they built a massive support structure for homeowners. This includes:

  • email support
  • call support
  • knowledge base articles

To be clear: homeowners contact Haven for all their IAQ concerns. Disadvantage eliminated. Homeowners will be handed back to you if Haven determines they need an IAQ equipment install. To learn more about Haven IAQ’s monitor and control devices, or how to become an Haven PRO, go here.

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