Improve HVAC Customer Satisfaction Using These 6 Tips

Your commitment to customer satisfaction is viewed as a test of how much you value clients. Learn the six unique ways you can keep customers loyal to your business.

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There are many reasons to improve HVAC customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction has morphed from a clear concept to a much broader notion because customers are demanding more than ever before. Keeping up with these demands will determine the success, or failure, of your HVAC business. The truth is, your commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction is viewed as a test of how much you value them as clients.

1. Content Is King

You’ve heard it before, but probably don’t understand why. The reason content is king is because it plays such a big role in improving HVAC customer satisfaction. Over 90% of consumers expect a self-service customer support portal to allow them to take charge and help themselves. Have a combination of videos, articles, infographics, presentations and other forms of content available on the portal or your company site that covers and answers common customer questions. A great place to find free content for your HVAC business is through HVAC Content.

2. Listen More, Talk Less

Successful HVAC techs know that when they’re out in the field, listening more and talking less is key. This helps customers open up about the situation, builds trust and helps you learn more about what’s important to them. Not only do you learn what they want, empowering you to provide them with the solutions they need, but it presents the opportunity to suggest additional home air quality upgrades.

3. Communicate Early and Often

Use software that keeps the homeowner informed as to when the technician will arrive. There’s some great software out there that provides the customer with an image of the technician that’s arriving and a short biography. It even lets customers know when their tech is on the way, with a GPS map and ETA. This helps build trust, differentiates your company and creates a memorable customer experience.

4. Don’t Prescribe Before You Diagnose

Customers prefer when technicians take the time to fully assess the home’s HVAC system or air quality. The last thing you want is to offer a quick fix or replace, only to be called back a week later to fix something else. Catch it all during that first service call and handle everything that needs to be fixed or replaced. At the very least, make sure to explain everything thoroughly and allow the client to come to the best decision with you. The easiest way to lose a customer for life is to prescribe before diagnosing.

5. Change the Narrative

“We need to change the narrative when selling HVAC systems,” said Rob Ambrosetti, Training Director at KGG Consulting. “The conversation needs to go from what everyone else has traditionally led with–and thats system efficiency and features–to leading the conversation with health.”

6. Educate Instead of Sell

Everyone knows when they’re being sold to. Instead of selling them, choose to educate your customers. It’s a simple shift. Here’s why it works so well: A customer looking for HVAC repair or replacement will typically receive three or four quotes. Taking the time to assess their home completely and educating the potential customer on your recommendations goes a long way. For one, it helps them steer clear of dishonest competitors. Second, it builds customer loyalty. And last, it’s just a good business practice. You can also help inform and educate your customers via website and social media content. It also helps to set your business apart from the rest!

Improve HVAC Customer Satisfaction

Utilizing all or a mix of these actionable tips to improve your HVAC customers’ overall satisfaction will greatly benefit your company. Doing so will attract new clients and retain loyal customers.

KGG Consulting has been in the HVAC industry for 24 years and is one of those companies you can always count on when it comes to providing expert opinions. We offer excellent service, as well as competitive rates that won’t break your budget!

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