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Columbia Property Trust Chooses Bipolar Ionization Air Purification for Healthy Office Buildings

Updated July 21, 2021

In 2020, the pandemic shifted how companies and their staff work. Working from home went from optional to mandatory. Some companies, like Twitter, even shifted the way they do business, allowing their employees to work from home indefinitely. Still, others are signaling a return to workspaces in 2021. Columbia Property Trust, which has a portfolio of 20 buildings in different metropolitan areas is taking steps to ensure businesses feel comfortable returning to their spaces. As part of their “Work Safe” program, they are installing bipolar ionization purification systems to create healthy office buildings.

“With many companies signaling an expected return to their workspaces in the months ahead, Columbia has committed substantial resources and implemented numerous measures to provide for their employees’ safe and comfortable return to the office,” said Nelson Mills, Columbia’s Chief Executive Officer in a press release. “We view BPI technology not only as a response to the current health emergency, but also as an integral part of our longer-term commitment to the wellbeing of our tenants and employees.”

Installations will be completed in 15 offices by the end of the first quarter, before businesses return. Four other buildings are currently in development, but will also include bipolar ionization purification. Columbia’s offices are located in major cities across the country like New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Boston.

Why Air Purification for Healthy Office Buildings Is Trending

Columbia’s move to incorporate purification technology into their buildings is part of a larger trend. Small and large building owners are looking for solutions to help businesses and their staff feel comfortable returning to the office. Installing purification technology is a critical step that helps build this confidence.

The reason why Columbia’s decision is trending is the simple explanation of how ionization works. Negative and positive ions are released into the air and attach to air pollutants. In turn, making particles larger and easier for air filters to capture, while disinfecting or scrubbing the air and surfaces of pollutants.

Demand for Knowledgeable IAQ Professionals

As the demand for IAQ solutions grows, so does the demand for professionals who know solutions for healthy office buildings in and out. Every building is unique and has its own specific set of air quality issues. Of course, purification is just one part of the comprehensive approach to creating healthy office buildings and improving IAQ. Learn how to test, install, sell and maintain IAQ products and services with us.

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