Indoor Air Quality is the Best Thing to Learn this Year

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If you’re an expert tradesperson, then you know the importance of professional development. In a competitive market, it’s not always enough to simply be great at your job. To truly maintain a competitive edge, you need to have insight into new trends and understand how to add extra value to your services, for your clients. In 2020, the best new skill to learn is the booming trade of indoor air quality control.

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality (or IAQ for short) is the art of maintaining clean, comfortable air. The air quality specialist achieves this with tools that regulate humidity levels, clear out odors, clean large and small particles and combat airborne virus transmission. After developing the knowledge to assess and solve IAQ problems, they’ll be ready to provide valuable recommendations for many potential clients.

Inhibit Virus Transmission in Commercial Properties

With businesses concerned about the spread of airborne viruses, IAQ specialists can present a number of powerful germicidal options. For instance, UV lighting is an effective way of killing airborne germs and can be invaluable for blanket sanitation of rooms and surfaces. Another option is the use of air filters that successfully capture VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. And lastly, there are whole room active air purification technologies that imbue particles with a positive charge which makes it possible to find and destroy them from both circulating air and surfaces.

Improve Residential Quality of Life

Large particles such as dust, industrial pollution and the like can have a severe negative impact on the quality of life for many individuals. By equipping homes to remove these substances, IAQ experts may reduce common causes of asthma, allergies and similar conditions.

Who Should Learn Indoor Air Quality?

People Who Want to Elevate Their Trade

When you combine proficient indoor air quality knowledge with trade mastery, you get a clear advantage on your competition. You simply have more to offer prospective clients, not to mention a new, profitable service that may net entirely new business opportunities.

Home Service Businesses

Home cleaning services, duct cleaners, plumbers, solar energy businesses and other home services stand to benefit from IAQ training. Good air quality can reduce the need for dusting, mitigate the threat of mold growth and achieve other protection goals that homeowners and businesses value. All aspects of the home, workspace, restaurant or clinic are intertwined with air quality in some way.

Those Interested In a New Career

While indoor air quality is extremely valuable as a supplementary skill, it can also be sufficient to kickstart a new career. A dedicated IAQ specialist will have many opportunities in the modern marketplace, thanks to growing interest in the field.

Indoor Air Quality Training

The best way to enter the world of indoor air quality is with rigorous IAQ training, and the top provider is KGG Consulting. Indoor air quality training serves to build your relevant knowledge base and enable you to communicate the value of these services to customers.

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