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New Stimulus Deal Includes Aid for Schools to Improve IAQ

Updated December 22, 2020

With the new $900 billion stimulus deal approved by Congress, $82 billion has been allocated to schools and colleges across the country. Schools can use these funds to respond to the pandemic crisis.  Some of this money is to be used by schools to improve IAQ via repairing and improving their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

According to the Washington Post, $22.7 billion is going to colleges and universities, while the remaining $54.3 billion goes to K-12.

HVAC and IAQ Professionals in Demand

Nationwide, schools are looking for local HVAC contractors and IAQ experts to assess, upgrade, and repair their HVAC systems. While schools wait to reopen across the country, now is the time for repair and improve the IAQ to ensure the safety of faculty and students when they reopen. Upgrades to filtration, ventilation, purification, and humidity control systems are all on the table. 

EPA’s Checklist to Improve IAQ in Schools

The EPA created a recommended action checklist for schools, with codes assigned to the person responsible for checking off a specific task.  An entire section of the checklist is designed around HVAC systems and IAQ systems, including energy recovery ventilation, and filtration.  HVAC contractors and IAQ experts who want to work with schools should familiarize themselves with this comprehensive checklist.

IAQ Market in 2021

The focus on improving IAQ in classrooms is just another sign that HVAC and IAQ markets are going to grow in 2021. Wildfires and airborne diseases inn 2020 have everyone concerned about the quality of the air they are breathng in indoor spaces. Now is the time to get involved in the IAQ business.

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