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What a $28 Million Opportunity in Ohio has Taught us About the Future Of IAQ

Updated December 18, 2020

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced, via tweet, a $28 million air quality program grant. The future of IAQ suddenly looked even more promising.

It said:

A COVID-19 Indoor Air Quality Assistance Program was underway. Nursing homes, assisted group living centers, adult day centers and residential care facilities could apply and receive a portion of the $28 million grant to improve their IAQ.  

According to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation website, these funds could help cover the costs of inspections, assessments, maintenance and improvements to HVAC systems to control the spread of COVID-19. 

On top of that, it provides reimbursement for secondary devices designed to destroy bacteria, mold and viruses. Each eligible facility can receive up to $15,000 to spend on IAQ and HVAC upgrades.

This program in Ohio started on November 30 and ends December 30, 2020.

Indoor Air Quality Sustainability

The big takeaway from the Ohio IAQ program–it came out of nowhere, indoor air quality is sustainable and now is the time to get involved in the IAQ business.  

IAQ specialists and HVAC contractors who know the IAQ field in Ohio earned a piece of that $28 million in business, in a month.  HVAC contractors that lacked the IAQ training, support and resources were not likely able to capitalize on this opportunity.    

The proof is here–the prioritization of indoor air quality, growing demand for IAQ solutions and more Ohio-like announcements are just some of the things to come in 2021.

If this opportunity came to your home state, would your business and team be ready?

The Future of IAQ

Expectations for IAQ are projected to boom now and post-pandemic. Testing, servicing, upgrading and installing IAQ products are expected to skyrocket.

The indoor air quality solutions market is poised to balloon to $9.54 billion over the next four years, from 2020-2024. IAQ jobs will grow faster than usual, at 8-10%. 

IAQ Solutions

Solutions to improve indoor air quality are nothing new. They have existed for years. The only difference is now it’s top-of-mind for homeowners, building owners, schools, restaurants and everyone in-between.  

Improving IAQ is a multi-faceted approach. It’s purification, filtration, mechanical ventilation, humidity control and source control. Understand the problems, symptoms, best solutions and how to sell it, and you’ve got a differentiating edge over your competitors. 

When Should I Get into the IAQ Business?

Now is the time to get involved in IAQ. If you’re already in the home service industry (HVAC contractor, duct cleaner, plumber, solar panel installer) then you are a perfect fit for IAQ.   

What happened in Ohio can happen anywhere, any time. Be ready to capitalize on the opportunity when it presents itself.  

The best thing you can do for your business is start here. Right now you can learn the basics of IAQ, air purification technologies and how to effectively sell IAQ.

Joseph Gavica

Joseph Gavica

Joseph is KGG’s Content Strategist and a part of our digital services team. Joseph joined KGG in 2020, which would prove to be a pivotal year for the HVAC and IAQ industry. His expertise and focus are in ensuring that the right information reaches the right people. Joseph graduated from California State University Fullerton with a degree in Public Relations and Image Management. Learn more about how we approach HVAC Content Marketing and SEO for HVAC Businesses.

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