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Four Major Trends for HVAC Digital Marketing in 2021

Updated January 7, 2021

Smartbrief recently put out an article on four marketing trends that can be incorporated into any IAQ and HVAC business marketing strategy in 2021.  The pandemic likely changed the course of any 2020 marketing strategies you planned. Clearly, it has certainly changed the way customers interact with businesses.  With a vaccine on the way, we should feel optimistic about the new year. For business, it’s important that your HVAC digital marketing approach in 2021 is thoughtful and effective.  

The four trends in the article are:  

  1. Consumer behavior will change permanently post-pandemic
  2. Businesses will be forced to embrace the digital transformation
  3. Brands focusing on social, environmental and ethical responsibility will flourish
  4. Influencer marketing will solidify its position as a key channel for consumer brands

We’ll break down each one of these marketing trends and apply them to HVAC and IAQ businesses, to use in their marketing plans in 2021.

Trend 1 – Consumer Behavior will Change Permanently Post-Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way consumers choose business. Talk to family, customers, employees and suppliers about their concerns moving forward. Change your messaging to address those concerns in your marketing.  

A smart HVAC and IAQ marketer should focus on value-based pricing and messaging. Choose to promote free IAQ testing as a way to increase IAQ sales. Or, create content explaining exactly how your company goes above and beyond to follow CDC guidelines to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff.

Trend 2 – Businesses Forced to Embrace Digital Transformation

No matter the size of your business, investing in digital tools that provide a better experience for customers will win in 2021. HVAC companies are not an exception. By investing in a better website and mobile site, adding a chatbot, starting email marketing or building an app, whichever you choose–if you provide these tools, you win more business.

Trend 3 – Brands Focused on Social, Environmental & Ethical Responsibility Will Flourish

Racial and economic inequalities were top-of-mind issues in 2020, inspiring businesses to take an anti-consumerism approach in their marketing. REI has a great example of this type of marketing.

HVAC businesses can respond to this consumer interest by focusing their marketing on people. Creating marketing content that focuses on your staff, customers, community, volunteering and donations will appeal to informed and passionate customers.

Trend 4 – Influencer Marketing Solidifies its Position as a Key Channel for Consumer Brands

Over the past year, circumstances forced all types of businesses to experiment with digital solutions. A Business Insider article explains how in 2020 brands realigned their strategies and opened up budgets for digital media to leverage the rising demand for influencer marketing. There was a noticeable shift in perspective and communication tone as well. This was a drive away from superficial, in-your-face, sales-driven content to more meaningful, two-way and purpose-driven conversation. More content creators and brands started talking about the causes they believe in.

HVAC businesses can use their clients as influencers. If you do work for a popular business owner with a big personality, a beloved school teacher, mayor, coach, etc. they could all be micro-influencers.

Final Thoughts on HVAC Digital Marketing in 2021

Incorporate HVAC digital marketing in 2021 to differentiate your business and expand your customer base. By taking a thoughtful approach to each of these marketing trends you will unlock amazing opportunities for your HVAC business.

Christopher Grubbs

Christopher Grubbs

Chris is the driving force behind KGG's marketing initiatives. Boasting over a decade in digital marketing, Chris's expertise is deeply rooted in HVAC lines and IAQ products. In 2018, recognizing the pivotal role of online presence in today's market, he pioneered KGG's in-house digital and marketing services. For collaborations or to learn more, connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

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