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What makes a good HVAC website?

The user experience! Colors, layout, responsiveness, speed, and ease of use. You only have a few seconds to convince someone that you have the answers they’re looking for. I good test is to watch friends or family use your website for the first time and ask them to complete certain tasks. “Find information about …” “Schedule an appointment for x service on this date” – You might be surprised to see things you thought were easy and overly complicated for others.

How much should HVAC website design services cost?

DIY options will always be the cheapest path if money is your biggest concern. For great, original design work, you should expect a starting price of around $2500. But, just like the work you do, it’s difficult to give an accurate estimate without a consultation.

How important is HVAC website content?

It’s said that the internet is built on content. The amount of content available online is growing exponentially — more than doubling every two years. We’re currently living in what experts are calling the “content explosion” era. Pages with a proper flow and informative content, an active blog tackling current issues, and open lines of communication are more important than ever.
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