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Why Are Builders Switching to Comfy-Light

Updated April 11, 2023

Are you a homebuilder looking for an alternative to registers and grilles? Comfy-Light is the all-in-one LED recessed light and comfortable air solution that you’ve been searching for. With fewer penetrations, less air leakage, and a sleek ceiling for your homeowners – builders are switching to Comfy-Light in droves. Two builders share their experience with Comfy-Light in new homes.

Save Money with Fewer Penetrations

Comfy-Light removes the need for additional penetrations in ceilings as well as lowers labor costs associated with cutting holes for each register and grille. This means fewer materials to purchase, less time spent on installation, and ultimately lower overhead costs.

Less Air Leakage = Better Comfort

Comfy-Light removes the need for more penetrations. That means less air leakage because there are fewer penetrations in a build. compared to traditional registers and grilles. This ensures the home is providing optimal comfort through improving HVAC system performance. Conditioned air stays in the home, which means less wear and tear on your HVAC system. Bonus: builders say it’s easier to pass blower-door tests.

Home Builders are Switching to Sleeker Ceilings

One of the biggest advantages of using Comfy-Light is its sleek design that looks great in any new or remodeled home. With its discreet, dual-purpose functionality, and minimal footprint, it provides an innovative and modern way to bring conditioned air into the home, while still allowing homeowners the flexibility to customize their lighting needs.

If you are installing can lights, consider using Comfy-Light, and remove the need for extra penetrations for registers and grilles. Be one of the first to offer this innovative product in your community. It’s a great option for both new builds and remodels.

In this episode, Rob (host) and Ken (Managing Director of KGG) sit down with the inventor of Comfy-Light and two reputable builders who have made the switch:

  • Josue Ramirez – Founder and inventor of Comfy-Light
  • Justin Merritt – Custom home builder and owner, Merritt Custom Homes
  • Jose Ramirez – Land developer and home builder, Ramgar Homes

Comfy-Light’s air and light, in one fixture are going to change the way you build homes, look at ceilings, and differentiate your business. Learn more about Comfy-Light.

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