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All Too Common HVAC Business Mistakes Contractors Make and How to Fix Them

Updated December 8, 2021

There are many challenges HVAC contractors must face and overcome on a daily basis to grow and expand your business. You could be faced with several different companies that are all vying for the attention of the same customers. That’s true for both new or potential customers and existing customers. There are a few common HVAC business mistakes that are key to overcome to make sure your business is successful. 

What HVAC sales tactics do you use to connect with new customers? How many business challenges are you faced with each week, and how do you overcome them? If you’re not sure how to move forward and keep your business growing, you’re not alone!  Read on to identify the top mistakes your business might be making.

Five Common HVAC Business Mistakes

Contractors know that every part of the sales process is crucial to create long-term customers and ensure customer satisfaction. Making the sale or upgrading a unit is essential, but those maintenance visits and repairs can nurture long-term client relationships. Wherever your HVAC business is struggling most, know these are opportunities to identify and fix.

Not Discussing HVAC Financing With Clients

HVAC services, upgrades and installs usually come with a high price tag. Take a moment to look at your sales and pricing strategy from the customer’s perspective. If necessary, rework your pricing, so everything is laid out and digestible for your clients. Then, take the time to research potential financing options for your customer. Break down the payment structure required to get their HVAC system where it needs to be to perform optimally.

Make sure there is no question or confusion about exactly what your client is paying for. Provide clients with different financing options. By working options out ahead of time, you can easily have options on hand to offer any homeowner.

If your company offers its own financing, make sure this is clearly marketed! Budget and cost affect your ability to sell. Financing is certainly a beneficial offering to highlight.

Why HVAC Contractors Should Discuss Financing Options With Customers: The data shows that financing boosts sales by 10%, increase average order value by 15%, and improves installation sales by 25%. Forward-thinking HVAC companies have looked to financing options for more customers, retention of current clients as well as overall success in today’s tough economy. Read more ➞

Missed HVAC Marketing Opportunities

How are you currently marketing your business and advertising your HVAC services? Are you solely relying on print, radio, or television commercials? While this is an excellent way to advertise to the older generations, your company must go digital as well. 

Google your business name, search services in your area, and look for your company. If it’s not on the first page, you’re missing out on a majority of web traffic, as 71% of search traffic won’t scroll beyond the first page. Additionally, you need to start creating digital advertisements that show up for your specific local region, so customers know your business is there when they need it most.

The Way Forward for HVAC Businesses: In a world where every person with internet access is potentially your next customer, it’s not just about being found through search engines and the yellow pages anymore. It’s time that we start thinking differently when building our marketing strategies so as not to miss out on these opportunities because now there truly isn’t any excuse why you shouldn’t be using digital tools.
Learn more about the benefits of digital marketing ➞

Creating HVAC Facebook Ads

An Outdated or Nonexistent Website

Your website is the first impression most consumers will have of your business, so how is it representing you? Does it show how professional and proficient your team is, or does it look like it hasn’t been touched since you launched it years ago?

Take the time to navigate your site, make sure clicked items take a user where they should. Also, make sure to look at your images, content, and promotions to make sure they’re all still relevant. A regularly updated website will have a more significant effect long-term, while an outdated site could turn people away for good. If you don’t have a website for your business at all, we suggest not wasting any more time. The website should be a top priority. It’s an easy way to give customers peace of mind and help them get to know your business and build trust before contractors arrive at their home.

20 Tips to Boost Your HVAC SEO: We’ve put together 20 tips that will help you boost your HVAC SEO. From the basics like keyword research to more advanced techniques like backlink building and content marketing, we have a tip for everyone. HVAC SEO Tips and Advice ➞

No Social Media Presence

The other crucial aspect of digital marketing is a social media presence. While this may seem unnecessary in the HVAC industry, it’s a great way to create buzz about your business and show clients that your company is active and well-versed in the field. Regardless of the industry or business, more and more people are relying on online reviews and a social media presence when it comes to choosing a business or service. There is a level of digital expectation associated with truly good companies from the consumer POV. 

Creating an epic HVAC social media strategy is easy when you take the time to work through the basics and find a topic that is relevant to your clients’ needs. Do they want to see transformations? Perhaps uploading before and after shots of clean vents or upgraded filters mixed in with current promotions and offerings is the ideal strategy. Consider checking out the competition, noting hashtags to use and the engagement they receive and then create a strategy that works for you.

HVAC Facebook Post Ideas to Grow Your Business: It’s time to stop using the same old strategies for marketing your company and start exploring new avenues. There are 7 different types of Facebook posts that you can use, with pro tips on how best implementing them into a plan will grow business!
Find out what they are as well as some helpful pro tips with this article

Not Offering Additional HVAC Products and Services

Almost every HVAC business offers maintenance, repair and replacement. But what else do you provide? Now is the time to consider training in indoor air quality to expand your offerings. Then, your business can provide an additional service that not only reduces the frequency of maintenance work and extends their HVAC unit’s life, but prioritizes health and safety.

Customers aren’t always open to an upsell, but when you suggest a product or service that can help their specific concerns and provide cleaner air, they may be more likely to commit. There is a growing demand for indoor air quality that all HVAC companies should take advantage of. Additionally, creating packages or advertising additional items on your website, digital ads or social media can help get the message out there, so they know more about it beforehand.

Offer IAQ Assessments on Every Job: If a home doesn’t already have the necessary upgrades to improve indoor air quality, then it’s likely you will find some issues with the current system and be able – not only for sales purposes but also out of sheer necessity – to install more efficient equipment that is better suited for healthier living spaces all around. Read more ➞

Ken Grubbs

Ken Grubbs

Founder and managing director of KGG with over four decades of experience in the HVAC industry and two decades as KGG’s director. Ken is well-versed in the HVAC and IAQ world. He is passionate about the future of the HVAC industry and the role indoor air quality can play in health and wellness. Leading HVAC manufacturer sales ⤑

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