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HVAC Sales Strategy Tips for 2023

Updated February 7, 2023

Without question, the most valuable contact an HVAC business has with the customer is the HVAC tech or contractor in the home. That person is the face of the company and the customer’s eyes, nose, and ears. Their ability to assess, diagnose, and fix HVAC-related problems, all while maintaining a professional, helpful, and friendly demeanor, are the keys to keeping customers happy. If part of your HVAC sales strategy goal is to sell more HVAC or IAQ accessories, it’s time to get resourceful and think out of the box.   

We’re not talking more about sales or technical training – while important, that’s not exactly our focus in this article.

Tell me if this sounds at all familiar… You want to upsell more when you’re out in the field. But at the end of the day, the numbers aren’t reflecting your goal. We can boil this down to these three reasons:

  1. Not observant or active listener (often)
  2. Hard-selling instead of educating (common)
  3. Breaking rule #162: Prejudging customers (common)

If any of these resonate, don’t worry, these are easy fixes. Don’t change the goal. Rather, change the approach. Rewire your HVAC sales strategy and sell more this year by incorporating these changes into your approach and mindset.

Increase Your HVAC Sales With One Simple Change

When techs or contractors show up at a customers’ homes and businesses, they have two options:

Option #1: Assess, diagnose, and fix the issue on the ticket, and leave.

Option #2: Be more observant, ask questions, and start a conversation. As you walk through the home, you might see a portable humidifier or purifier in the corner of a bedroom or office. You might stumble across kid or pet toys on the ground, or notice a musty smell in the bathroom or laundry room.   

Depending on what’s observed, they can start asking questions, be an active listener, and lead a conversation with the customer about health. Here are three great questions to ask:

  • Why do you have a portable purifier? How that’s working out for you?
  • Does anyone in the home suffer from allergies or asthma?
  • Do you notice that musty smell or mold growth in the bathroom?

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After listening to what the customer has to say, the conservation can then lead to health and how IAQ accessories can benefit them the most.

This approach works so well because it’s not hard-selling. Nobody likes being sold to. It’s simply a no-pressure, solution-oriented, and health-focused conversation between the HVAC professional and the homeowner. 

HVAC Sales Strategy Proven to Be Effective

Sure, the person in the home must be completely comfortable with the IAQ products and services and will be the one to have the conversation with the homeowner. But the people answering the phones and scheduling appointments can take some of that pressure off. All the person on the phone has to do is plant the seed with the customer.

When you give everyone who talks to your customers access to training, your business wins. While the dispatcher and customer service rep can’t usually attend the in-person training, there are free, online resources available to them. Make sure they take advantage of these resources. When the customer service rep is on the phone with a customer to set up an appointment, they can set the tech up for success:

“We’re offering free indoor air testing this month. Would you Bill to test your home’s indoor air quality while he’s there doing XYZ?”

If the homeowner says yes, it’s added to the tech’s service ticket. Now, service tech Bill knows to perform the IAQ test. It’s a simple, no-pressure way to prepare the customer and tech to have the IAQ conversation. 

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HVAC Sales Tip #162: No Judgements!

Just because a home has two Tesla’s parked in the driveway doesn’t mean they can afford a new HVAC system or IAQ upgrades. Similarly, a home with a beat-up ‘82 Buick Regal (my sweet ride in high school) in the driveway doesn’t mean they aren’t worth your time or effort. 

The truth is, you never know until you talk to them and present them with your recommendations. This, coincidentally, leads me to my next point…

Present Every Opportunity to Every Customer

When you or your HVAC techs start presenting every HVAC or IAQ opportunity to every customer, the results will be surprising. Starting the conversations gets easier, and answers to frequently asked questions are refined and improved. 

The other surprise will be the unexpected sales. That ‘82 Buick Regal customer might hand over $10K in a brown paper bag for the replacement unit. You never know. Present the opportunities when it makes sense and then see what happens next.

Lastly, always remember: At the end of the day, the worst thing the homeowner can say is “No.” That’s it.

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Rob Ambrosetti

Rob Ambrosetti

KGG’s National Training Director and go-to IAQ expert. Rob is a council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant. He also holds Healthy Home Professional and HVAC Professional certifications from IAQA. Since joining KGG in 2018, Rob has focused on curriculum development and led KGG’s in-house training services. He is also the host of KGG’s industry podcast RepTalk.

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